Learning C4D in Singapore


Hi Everyone,

I am based in Singapore and I’m currently looking for a C4D short course.
I have reached out to IM-Innovation but they told me they are not conducting classes anymore.
I am looking for a class lesson with a professional mentor. Does anyone know any alternatives I can go for (in Singapore)? Greatly appreciated! TIA



Hi Daniel,

I am Janson; also from Singapore. And I’d recommend going online training. There are resources out there with structured learning. I had experienced using them both, Linkedin Learning and Digital Tutors (now known as pluralsight) and I liked them both. I had access to them when I was working for certain organisations. I think it’s great and very useful. It’s also flexible as well.

Do check them out.

I’d like to know what the community and you think?

P.S I am not a promoter but a consumer of these products.