Learn with Legendary Artists at IAMC19 : Last Hours


Want to learn with some of the best artists in the industry?

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John Howe, Feng Zhu, Nicolas Sparth Bouvier, Nick Gindraux , Justin K. Thompson, Aaron Sims, Paul Chadeisson, Aleksi Briclot, Mark Theriault, Vance Kovacs, Andrea Goh, Jaime Jasso, Nicolas Weis, Goro Fujita, Noëlle Triaureau, Jama Jurabaev, Andrea Blasich, Mike Morris, Gini Santos, Daniel Gregoire, Allan McKay, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Raphael Lacoste, Marc Simonetti …

Tickets will be live only 72 hours!

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Paris - March 17th-19th 2019

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