Learn Cinema 4D after blender?


I know what you mean, but that was not what i was pointing at. It was about that somebody said literally nobody uses C4D for game assets. Wich is not true. C4D is used for game assets as a fact. And not just here and there. I have seen it.

If it makes sense and in what scope, if there are better solutions around, and if just as a one trick tool in the pipeline or as the all in one solution is a completely different chapter then. And that’s a discussion that i will surely not want to lead here. It doesn’t lead to anywhere anyways.

Maybe one thing. AAA is just a super tiny fraction of game development. Even single A is. I would say 90 % games is nowadays low quality casual content in the scope where you don’t even need a normalmap. The market is very wide, with lots of target platforms and game ideas. From Pong to MMO. There are games that uses low poly flat shading as a style. And the hyperrealistic content is nowadays Megascans libraries.


Yes, but we use standards to measure. I can say people use Microsoft Paint for games and while maybe its true, and im pretty sure some game was made using only MS Paint -because MS Paint artists do exist, thats nowhere near the reality we face, neither should be the standard we use to measure either quality or ease of use of a software for a given job.

If that were the case, then we should compare what every average joe with a smartphone can do on TikTok instead of what profesionals film makers in Hollywood can.

edit… anyway… Icecaveman -someone who I not always agree with- said serious game companies, I asumed he was talking about AAA, not one man bands like the impresive guy who made Minecraft.


Again, your feelings, your own standards and what you think is better is not the point. I know for a fact that Cine is used for game assets since I had contact with those people. I have developed games for 15 years. And i honestly don’t understand what your problem is with that.

As told, i don’t really want to discuss the rest. But I think you have still the wrong picture of the games industry. The variety of games and companies who produces such games is enourmous. You should definitely rethink your definition of a serious game company. AAA titles for the PC are produced by a handful companies. The very most companies produces low quality casual games for pc, console, hand helds, mobile phone, etc. . Ten in a row, nine failing, one making the money for the next ten games. That’s the usual game business. Not the AAA titles. And titles like Minecraft or Angry Bird is the jackpot, one of a million.

For this casual games sometimes the job of a game artist is to texture a simple cube. The almighty box. Or to create a coin for a bejeweld clone. You could do most of the tasks with Milkshape already.

But here we enter again the “what is better” area. Which i don’t want to discuss. Which car is better? Porsche or VW? Who made better art? Keith Haring or Da Vinci?

Use whatever fits your needs best. But please not based on alternative facts. That’s why i made my statement.


Didn’t say that. I said, “Virtually nobody” which is the same as saying “Almost nobody.” And the context of the statement was in relationship to hiring. Can someone use c4d to create a game? Absolutely! Are there a handful that do? Sure. But beyond a very small indy studio here or there…please name a single notable game studio in the entire world that is hiring c4d artists. You’ll be hard pressed to find one.

Companies focused on gaming use Maya, Max or Blender. Then in these studios you’ll discover a few Houdini specialists creating sims as well as Zbrush artists building characters. C4d? Overwhelmingly…No.


Just curious, have you ever made a game in your life? Have you ever participated in a game dev community? I already pointed at Unity. C4D was and is commonly used there. I also told you that i know enough Cine users that develops games with it. This is first hand experience. Folks, this is real. No hoax. It is not “literally nobody” and not “overwhelmingly no”. That’s wishful thinking.

And you imho still have a completely wrong picture of game development, assets and pipelines. It is not all MMO and shooters. You talk to a game developer here. And i know when somebody talks bollocks since i was part of the show. That’s the difference between guessing and knowing. But okay. When reality does not play a role here then i guess we have reached the end of discussion.