Leap Motion V2 with full hand tracking


People should live their actual life, experience it healthily, and finalize their duties instead of escaping from facing it…


Tell this to my grandma. She can’t go outside alone anymore because she is to weak for longer walks. With something like this she could go for journey without worrying that she faint from such long walk or get lost because of her problems with memory.

BTW. What you are doing on a CG site if you are so opposite to escaping from real life?


HP has a keyboard with a built in leap motion sensor coming out later this month for $99.

I’m still undecided on leap. Brekel’s got me considering it though…

I already preordered the Kinect2 for Win.


I hope I didn’t hurt you, I’m sorry. : )
My post wasn’t against you, but a phenomena.
Yes, what you said for your grand mother, or travelling, could be a good concept, but this isn’t what I’m talking about.
Yet I think your grand mother would probably prefer to stay at home and enjoy breathing fresh air in the garden, with her grandchildren playing around her.

And be carried away by virtually travelling or admiring some places doesn’t necessarily mean “escaping” from the real world. But the thing I’m against is what disconnects you from reality, and makes you want to live another life, be someone else, while you don’t even live your real one, whether it’s by CG, traditionnal painting, film, social networks, or virtual reality.

And yes, I could be doing CG to escape, but I rather chose to use it in a healthy way, to tell and depict the beauty of life, noble behaviors such as the respect of the parents for example. There are so many good possibilities. It could be done in a imaginary, metaphoric way, but by always keeping your feet on the ground.


I can see it taking off. Even the motion problem can be solved by reducing the amount the viewer is virtually moving, because moving the head to look around doesn’t have the disconnect of something like pretend flying. But by being so immersive it necessiates a greater detachment from actual reality than a video game. I think it would be great to wear a VR helmet on a roller coaster type ride, but I wouldn’t want to go to a friend’s house and try to have a conversation with someone wearing a helmet for hours as they game (vs walking in on a group playing Halo or something).

I guess I see Augmented Reality in a google glass kind of way but with real world data being displayed with videogame conventions. The timer in the corner is a countdown to your next appointment… The names of people around you displayed above them as they enter your immediate area. Instead of seeing “game” objectives scrolling below you, it will list things you’ve made a note to do. But with augmented reality we’ll have realtime replacement of advertising targeted to individual interests, and the possibility of adding any virtual item to an actual space. Maybe I want giant machine guns on my car, or pokemon who follow me everywhere I go… On Star Wars day I might choose having two suns in the sky…

There are of course unique technical considerations to comping CG into a real environment in real time that will still have to be resolved, but augmented reality just seems generally more practical, less socially disruptive than pure VR. (Actually it would be more “disruptive” in the sense of changing how we interact but less awkward with regard to how we value etiquette when doing so)

As for the VR football game, I am trying to imagine the tech of mo-capping an entire team of players and the ball in such the way that the action is viewable in actual time from any vantage point and with acceptable fidelity… Would VR viewers be OK with goals scored that due to latency, sync issues or whatever did not look “good” from their virtual vantage point?