Leap Motion V2 with full hand tracking




Pretty cool actually for 80 bucks hardware.


At this point I think that I’m more interested in this


haha my father told me along time ago i think it was even in the beginning of 2k about a controller where it graps the hand movement.

i will show that to him and get the blaim why i haven’t done it… haha :slight_smile:


hehe. You may also check this , if you missed it ;D


seriously something like that was my idea…
for me the biggest challenge was to find a solution that solve this problems:

[ul]controlling is possible when you have something in your hand. so the buttons must be where you can press when you have the hand as a fist.
[ul]low power. (ant Protocol was comming up i think 2003 )[/ul]
[ul]passive elements (piezo matrix as a button with pressure control and position)[/ul]
[ul]power generator (http://www.micropelt.com/thermogenerator.php) // came later to the idea but produces to less energy[/ul]

there is also a patent somewhere for the fingermouse. i don’t know where i have got the information. it was like a clip with a small round wireless mouse on top.

i was a big fan in my younger years for the wearable computing sadly i haven’t developed custom solution it was out of my budget. this one was one of my dream toy: http://www.hpl.hp.com/downloads/crl/itsy/

btw… i’m lucky my father doesn’t play baseball :slight_smile:


Leap is the only one that looks useful for cg, the others look like voice recognition in comparison, only it listens to your hand instead.

When you cut meat, wouldn’t it be better to just say “stop, rewind, play” instead of throwing you hand around? =) It really looks like voice rec. but for mute people. Oh, and with the slick mac in the cam view they really look cool doing those gangsta nerd signs. :buttrock:


This Ring is a bit more elegant And not just a after effects presentation. It actually works…I’ve tried the demo… BUT people are having trouble getting in contact with them…

Edit: TechCrunch seem to think the nod is Real


I’m currently creating software on top of the Leap 2.x SDK to massage the data some more and make it available to most 3D animation packages.

Public beta here:

I haven’t had the chance to play with the Myo yet but I’ve heard from some people in the medical field who had access to a pre-release model that the data wasn’t as accurate as they hoped. Great concept though, maybe just needs some more time.


If there is a way I can use this in Maya to mocap hands I am buying it tonight.


Record to FBX and import in Maya. (BVH is in the works but FBX is generally much better)
You can adjust the axis so they match your particular rig, but Maya’s constraints also keep the offsets.

My app is not for sale yet, the public beta is free until all bugs and workflows are sorted, all I ask in exchange is feedback if you encounter any issues or requests.


So you’re more interested in an unreleased, kickstartery iArmband misleading comp job than you are in a desktop 80$ hand motion capture system? :slight_smile:
The Myo insofar has been reported to have pretty noisy and useless output by every leak I read, is twice the price for a pre-order, and is based on a completely different paradigm, and is, in general, not meant for the same uses at all (battery powered free body vs desktop device). Myo goes after the iPad and smartwatch market participatns, Leap is actually useful for an animator and it’s been on several thousand desks for a while now and is only getting better (v2 also addressed the major infrared and ultralow red interference v1 suffered from, and it’s just a software update).

That’s for v1, but I honestly can’t see anything preventing v2 from offering full hands desk capture shortly after release. It’s not a particularly hard API to deal with and allegedly they offer a lot out of the box in terms of spatial data (including angular solutions) that should map to a rig in a straight forward manner.


Yes, because I’m more interested in VR and games than making finger animations all day long :). Noise and useless output for what? Animation? I don’t need it. Do you have some leak where they tested it with VR ?


Once you have a read of the hand in space whether it comes from a band on the arm or from a set of cameras there’s no difference in the data (assuming quality), full hand recognition and interpolation even in hidden stages is what v2 is about, and it’s pretty remarkable for 80$.
The difference is installed vs worn, I have no idea why you’d think the Leap is “for finger animation”. Anyway, don’t expect the Myo to offer a wide range of gestures and particularly not much of a level of detail, it’s not really made for capturing complex data, it’s largely meant to catch a few gestures.

As for where, you can find a handful of people who commented on some mailing lists (if they are backed up in google groups) and newsgroups.
There’s also a couple papers on gesture recognition out already that allegedly used the Myo beta as one of various test inputs, I bumped into those looking for different capture material. See Cecille Freeman’s for a recent one.

If you’re interested in the Myo EMG (electromyography) is the subject you want to look into, which is where the Myo name and concept comes from.
It’s not some modern day revolution, the experimental application has been around for a century, and medical applications date half a century back or more probably, just recently hardware is getting small enough and powerful enough to run the sampling from a relatively inexpensive compact device. The scope of EMG limb local capture possibilities is relatively well explored already.


You have to hold your hand over the LEAP, so using it for animation of more complex gestures will be hard too. MYO is all about not being tied to one place. For what you want a mix of those two will be probably better.


I searched some googlegroups and mailing lists and people reaction for Leap quality in those is similar to Myo, so I don’t think that’s a good source for making your opinion.

Lets wait for final version. Oculus developer kit V1 also suffered from many problems that were solved in V2.

I will probably end up picking both :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, this is cool! Separate is the way to go! With my current keyboard starting to fade away the paint on keys and computer update that I’m planning in second half of this year, I will pick it up for sure :slight_smile:


Lets also add this and this to the collection.


I have to preface this with that I have always wanted to learn blender but was put off by its reliance on key commands…

I don’t want a means of controlling a computer that is uber-efficient. I just want something natural. I want something like LEAP that can measure what my hands are doing in the context of using virtual tools. I want a precise virtual Dremel that can chip, cut, and polish virtual forms. I’d prefer CG have the best aspects of physical modeling but without any of the limitations of physical art. I like my infinite colour palette and unlimited undos. I don’t like using key commands whenever a gesticular action might feel more natural. Gimme something that simulates the feel (spatially at least) of holding something solid and acting upon it with known tools; drills, saws, etc. Simulate what is known; intuitive, physical. And (please!) only then start improving upon it.


Key commands are great. I know a bunch. But they don’t “feel” like anything. The simple act of opening a menu and selecting an item takes fractions of a second longer than using key commands… It is however a closer approximation of the action of putting a physical tool back and selecting a new one. I don’t need to be able to change tools any faster than I can mentally shift tools in my mind. Efficiency is prized because people have deadlines.

That said, I do want everything automatic and instantaneous… Best imagination wins. :slight_smile:


Virtual Reality isn’t going to be the thing… Augmented Reality will be. Your real world can now be shaped by virtual tools. Use the new Google thingie to take a 3d shot of a friend. Now you can see them in every room you enter. This town would be cooler with fighting Gundams… Bing!

We’ll all still be looking at reality, but it’ll have a HUD.


Augumented Reality you can get with any narcotic :D.

I think that Virtual Reality will be a thing. Big thing. There are many possible uses for it, not just for games. If I would have enough money, I would open virtual travel company, where people that doesn’t have time or money to travel to other countries, or are afraid of diving/fumping etc., can just spend weekend in some picked by them place, without moving from home. It would be like with those iPads on wheels for telepresence, just instead for company meetings people would use it for travel.

And that’s just begin of the possible uses. Think about going to Football match in some distant place, and you can’t get there on time because of job. You can go and watch with VR.