League of Legends E-sports now in VR!


Tech website engadget has dropped latest news on how VR is now entering into E-Sports!

Counterstrike and League of Legends has been confirmed first and they go a bit more in depth about how this will take place for future exhibitions.

To see and read more, just click the link below to check it out!



Gavin, you forgot to include the link again. :wink:


It sounds like a nifty mode for spectating e-sports. Too bad my internet connection’s not good enough to handle the VR stream, so I have to settle for the regular video livestreams where the camera view is controlled by the streamer.


Lol thanks I just included it in there. But that’s unfortunate though you would think areas that have any type of internet connection would give better connections.

It’s almost 2017 and its still that way for some reason. :hmm:


Eventually, E-Sports may take over the real sport, but I doubt it’ll happen soon. As I know, it’s even possible to place bets on E-Sports, so it’s getting closer to the real matches. That’s great, but with all my love to cs go and LoL, I’m more into NBA, and I regularly place bets and check NBA predictions, and I doubt that I’ll ever do that with E-Sports, but who knows.


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