Leaf Messenger, Julia Castelo Branco (2D)


awsome work!
5 stars by me

mando muiito moça! isso ae! acho q vc é a primeira brasileira q pega 1ª pagina no cgtalk,nao?

fica com DEUS



Lindo! parabéns Júlia. Mais um brasileiro arrebentando.


Amazing work!. It seems 3d. The definition of the characters, illumination…are great.


very nice work mate


hi, nice see this amazing work coming from the tupiniquins land’s… awesome :buttrock:




Nice work Julia, the only thing that bothers me is the back of the girl, I think it neds some work, the composition looks good to me, and the colors are very nice. keep up the good work. :thumbsup:


Bom dia:)!!!I like it a lot but,as it has been mentioned b4 on thread,the hair needs some work.Other than that,no crits.Good job!!!


:thumbsup: PERFECT :thumbsup:



cool painting you have done…

i like it so much… only thing first problematic i found is the her ear… its bit sharpen…

i also want to study painting like this… can you suggest any good tutorial for such a paintings… my 2d drawing on paper is also very good.




very good
Ficou muito bom mesmo, parabens. Adorei a “borboleta folha”


there is a breed of moth that is identical to that here in lousiana


very nice skin tones. The concept of the moth and the eyelashes are rich. Great work


spellbound and captivated

i absolutely love your character — though, the hair could use some touching up


Olá Pessoas! ^^

[/b]I’d like to thank for all the compliments and even more for the critics, which made me realize I’ve been a little anxious when I draw. I think the hair isn’t that good and I really could have worked more on the background.
Some people asked me for books and tutorials references. Well, I’d refer to Linda Bergkvist’s (Enayla) tutorials, which have inspired me a lot (I’m currently doing her hair tutorial ^ ^). About the books, I wouldn’t know which to recommend because most ones that I have are edited in Brazil. They’re kind of collections, something like “The Great Painters”, so I’ll name some painters that I’m most fond of. I really like Caravaggio, Vermeer (as I mentioned before), Gustav Klimt, René Magritte, Ingres, Norman Rockwell, Boris Vallejo, among others. That makes a pretty cool mix huh? hehehe. I hope it helps.[b]

[/b]Estou vendo muitos dos meus conterraneos tupiniquins aqui hein! Legal![b]

Tks everyone! Obrigado!! :)[/b]


Great work Julia !
ps: gostei muito dos trassos, as cores também estão ótimas, parabens:thumbsup:


parabéns júlia, destaque no cgtalk não é pra qualquer um não heim…



demais… adorei!
Tá perfeito!
Excelente trabalho! Amazing!! :slight_smile:


Sensacional:applause: Grande estilo:eek: Congratulations Julia, very well done work:bounce:


Very nice painting, especially the hair . . I like it, so soft.