Leaf Messenger, Julia Castelo Branco (2D)


Title: Leaf Messenger
Name: Julia Castelo Branco
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

Hello there!
The title of this piece is “The Leaf Messenger”.
It is about a girl who’s gotten lost in the woods and was imprisioned by a tree’s evil spirit. She cannot move, and to communicate with her lover who has been also taken captive by another tree, she has a messenger who disgases itself as a leaf to pass by unnoticed.
I always read famous painter’s books like Vermeer’s, to study the resources they use to represent certain textures. In this painting I used insects pics as reference. I worked from sketch until the final work in Photoshop. I always do the sketch on paper first. I’ve never done it this way and I think it worked out quite well.
I’d appreciate any comments or critics, specially about the colors and textures of the painting and maybe the composition too.
My tools are Photoshop and a Wacon Tablet.


Very nice work Julia, The skin tones, shading and texturing are lovely. Since the face is so finely detailed and beautifully colored I would like to have seen the same treatment in the hair. Maybe a little less green in the hair too, but this is my personal preference. Truely a well done and sensitive piece.:thumbsup:



Really love your skintones and concept. My only thought would be to maybe make the background a little less flat… not so it stands out, but maybe darker at the edges or lighter in the middle to bring the focus to the center of the image, but just my thought :slight_smile: excellent work!


ohgod handSooooo beautiful painting~~
I like it veeeeeeeeeery muuuuuuuuch~~^o^
keep it up~~^^
four stars from me~~~ **** ^o^


nice picture!
I like it.especilly her face and her little ear~~~:love:


Great job, Julia! Congratulations!

P.S.: Oi Julia, te enviei um MP para te convidar para ingressar no site “Central de Quadrinhos”, pois lá aprendemos uns com os outros, e por isso tenho certeza q tu vai, de alguma forma, crescer com as dicas e opiniões! :thumbsup:
Bom, quanto a este trabalho, não tenho muito a comentar, a não ser o fundo q me parece estar um pouco “pesado” para uma cena tão delicada!



hair needs tons of work and the BG like said is a tad simple. Nice paint though.


[font=Times New Roman]Personally I always interested to find a nice combinations and linking between the items in the nature. In case you were really successful in your butterfly (well flyer leaf).I just feel that the eye to much black and white and that’s the only thing that bothers me.

You done so great and I wish to see your achievements clearly in your treatments.:thumbsup:



Her ear seems too far back. Take a look at Linda’s hair tutorial on this site. Very nice skin tones and cute face.


Olá Julia, tudo bem?? primeiramente bem vinda ao forum 2d do cgtalk!:buttrock:

Bom, muito legal sua pintura, desde o conceito até a técnica. A folha está com uma textura impressionante e o cabelo tb está muito bem feito.





:love: Hei! Muito “bacana”, “legal” essa ilustração!! :thumbsup: I see a strong and growing presence of women in art 2d, Brazil is proud of wonderful works as yours. Congratulations. A beautiful and creative work. (it visits my Thread below). :wise: poor english:shrug:


Curly curly curly

Wind wind wind

Lovely sh-elf


Super, mega, great WORK!:thumbsup::applause:


Hey, nice skintones! But, the hair… need some work:thumbsup:
Muito bom seu trabalho…congratulations!

  • I really like the facial structure. (The nose, lips and chin)
  • The insect could be a little more solid and I don’t really like the insects eyes.
  • I don’t really like the eyelashes, but the the eye lids look great.


Very beautiful Julia. I like the swoop on the eyelashes, very curly. The hair could use a little more variation. It looks like the same pattern giving it kind of a flat look.

Even so, very nice.


Excellent work! :thumbsup:


nice work!


Wow, skin tones are simply amazing. Everything about this work is mind blowing.
Great work. Looks 3D.


I really love the skin shading! It’s great :thumbsup: Also the mood, colors and the hair are awesome! Keep the great work up! Btw: from me :thumbsup: