Leading the Horde, Peter Zoppi (3D)


Title: Leading the Horde
Name: Peter Zoppi
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

I created this for the Blizzard Art contest. hope you like

I used Maya for modeling, Mudbox for sculpting and detailing, photoshop for texturing, mental ray for rendering and matte painted the background

a full resolution image can be found on my website

Full Res Image


Superb Work :scream: . the colors, rendering, modeling,pose… everithing is perfect !:buttrock:



Great ORC nice texture and model Keep it up 4*:thumbsup:


great job, this work is amazing!:applause:


i like the pose…textures…modeling and …every thing:).


Excellent work Peter!! *****
I saw your WIP on TWEAK, nice to see it finished… :thumbsup:
Keep it!!


OMG …i LOVE this kind of work. AWESOME! :thumbsup:


Came out pretty sweet Pete!
Sorry to hear about all of Blizzard’s submition problems. This pic is the best version by far.


Excellent work (: nice modelling and textures :thumbsup:


Woow OMG.
Grat work.i like it.

Hamed katebi


Looks great! i love orcs, and this one is great, but horde is not very visible:D But i like it 4stars


Man, this is just absolutely fantastic work. The pose, the power in the character, the emotion you’ve captured - brilliant.


Really a strong piece! All of the scene’s elements are pulled together wonderfully. I especailly like how the sky is as much of a focal point in this scene as the creature.

Excellent work! 5 stars. :thumbsup:

…I’d love to see some close-up detail shots of the big guy - he looks amazing.


Awesome work. Please make a quick tutorial how you created this beauty!:slight_smile:


Great to see you bring it over here on CGTalk. Front page fo’ sho! :smiley:


If I were you I would chose to make a special sky for that environment or period,
very good work keep it up,:thumbsup:


nice work, I like it. beautiful rendering and texturing.



very nice in all aspect !! (modeling, texturing,rendering,compositing)




This came out excellently Peter. Congratulations.

I smell front-page.