Le Rabbit, Jose Alves da Silva (3D)


Amazing work! Love it:bounce: Parabéns:)


Parabens por teres um trabalho escolhido para a galeria. Realmente tens um trabalho fantastico, e uma personagem excelente.Adorei a luz que vem do canto superior, parece algo divino, e está muito bem penteado o coelho:D e o toke de pose femenina está espectacular.
E se á coisas que me inspira é ver que tambem somos um pais que tem grandes talentos escondidos por ai. Espero conseguir tambem chegar a um nivel como o teu. Muitos parabens.Abraço


Muito Bom, Parabeims para voce.

Really good mate nice job


Divinal :smiley: congrats


Thank you all for such nice and motivating comments!!

Vanda, Fábio, João> Muito Obrigado!! Estou nas nuvens! :slight_smile:

I will try to give some more feedback regarding the hair because that seems to be one of the things that people would like to know more about.
So, for all the number-loving geeks out there here are all the numbers :love: :


On the subject of hair, answering to some of the questions:

The hair render passes were rendered with Vray, with the default hair buffer system of 3DS Max’s Hair and Fur. The buffer system is by far the fastest and the one that can handle the higher amount of hair strands, and it also looks preety good!
I have tried to use the “mr prim” method but I quickly crashed the system, due to the amount of memory that is necessary to handle this. BTW I am using 8 GB of RAM.

3DMadness mentioned the GI problematic: Hair created with the “buffer” system can not receive GI, so the only option is to create accessory lights that only include the hair to compensate for the lack of GI in certain areas.
However, the amount of GI I have used in this image was minimal, so that was not a real problem for me.

In this thread people also mentioned the problem of rendering hair at high resolutions.
At a certain point if I rendered anything above 1500x3000 pixels, the render of the hair could not be completed and only a part of the image was covered with the fur. The problem got worse as I attempted higher resolutions.
It took me a lot of time until I found out that there is a parameter that controls the memory size of the hair buffer. So there is a direct relation between this number and the size of the image that you can render!
The number that defines the memory size is “Tile Memory Usage” inside the Effects panel.
So, if you have this problem, increase this number, but take care because that amount of memory will be reserved for the hair.

About the compositing, I really had no choice :smiley:
I have used 3 different hair generators, one for the full body, one for the tail and another for the snout. If I tried to render 2 of these together the render times went sky high.
So, I have rendered them separatelly and then composited them in Photoshop.
This was also great because I had the body and hair in separate layers, so when I erased a bit of hair the skin showed underneath. How is that for interactive shaving? LOL

I hope this clarifies some of the questions.
If there is anything else you’d like to know, just shoot!


Very nice. Love the rabbit’s attitude. Well done.


awesome work … :thumbsup:


Thank you very much for taking the time to explain your process so thoroughly - it’s greatly appreciated!

Look forward to seeing more great work from you :smiley:


Mtos parabéns José!!! É sempre bom ver um tuga nestas andanças! Não conhecia o teu trabalho, muito bom parabéns!

In English: Really nice work!


Thanks a lot for posting the process and the problems you had. Too bad this is still hardly viable on and animation, unless you have a huge render farm. :smiley:

Parabéns! Hope you get a cgchoice. :wink:



Wow!! Preety good shader and fur!
Thanks for sharing the settings!

Congrats and good luck :wink:


webdefender, nightwoodwolf, MarcosNicacio> Thanx!! :smiley:

AJ> I hope now you can get those hires images full of hair rendering! :slight_smile:

3DMadness> There are so many good images that don’t get to the frontpage or get awards. I already consider myself very lucky with this chance to show up in the Frontpage! :arteest:

spurv> Viva! Não conheces o meu trabalho mas eu já conhecia a Pato. Bom trabalho! Obrigadão!


Max´s hair and fur is a very difficult tool to master but you are a real pro with it, congrats and thanx for taking your time showing us every aspect of the process of creation of this awsome work. cheers! :slight_smile:


sonomamashine> It was my pleasure! :beer: Cheers!


soooo goood joooob!

really I cant do that… (I have 256 RAM LOL)

but so amazing job… bro

every step… its a masterpice!


flamander> :slight_smile: Thanks bro! I am really glad that you like it so much :smiley:


I love this character is really great :applause:


Felideus> Thanks! :thumbsup:


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