Le Rabbit, Jose Alves da Silva (3D)


Title: Le Rabbit
Name: Jose Alves da Silva
Country: Portugal
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

This a personal work in which I had a blast working on.
I had been wanting to make a cartoonish portrait for a while.
I really hope you like it!

All crits and comments are welcome!
(Click on the image for a higher resolution version)



wow this might just win teh award…


Great work!

I love his body language and the overall colours

His carrot earring is a nice touch too


Excellent work! Good job. Hair, lighting and render are all really good too.


LOL, amazing character and great rendering!


haha he’s great - very decadent! I love the earring :scream:


THank you all for your kind words! It makes me really happy!

Magdalena> I hope your Elmer doesn’t come after my rabbit :)))

The original image is 4000 pixels high, here is a crop at 1:1


That´s really amazing!
Great work!

regards Ralf


i really love the design of your rabit! everything is good in your pictures! nothing to say , it’s awesome! 4 ****


I love all those details in the 1:1 crop.
I’d say this deserves an award :slight_smile:


nice work !:slight_smile:



Excellent job overall! Very artfull work!


like the worm colors
nice working


Great pose and lighting. Cool image, keep it up that way.


1- amazing work
2- nice color
3- very nice details
4- very good light
5- i like it the modeling 2 much

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


Nice Job , This image look awesome !!


nice work.


Thank you so much everyone!
All this nice comments fill me with motivation!

So, I would like to share a high rez version for anyone that is interested (1800x3000px)
Just use the link below:

:bowdown: EVERYONE


Now thats what called the Art. Awesome. I like the humourous side Mona Lisa with Cigarette in her hands. Fantastic model and the fur is simply stunning. the eyes look clean and crystal with reflections making it a wonderful piece.


Funny and Fantastic! Love that Rabbit!

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