Le Prince Bleu, a CGI Musical Short Film…


After two months of hard and frenzy production, Sébastien Rossignol and his team invites you to discover “Le Prince Bleu”, a CGI Musical Short Film


Enjoy it !

[size=3]Le Prince Bleu :

Origins : France 2004

Full lenght : 5min

Image Size : 1K (1024x576)

Softs : 3DS MAX – Shag Hair – Character Studio - Real Flow – After FX– Photoshop – Premiere

Credits :
Written, Produced & Directed by Sébastien Rossignol

3D CG Artists : Remi Gamiette – Gaelle Delcourt – Sébastien Rossignol

2D CG Artists : Mathieu Auvray – Sébastien Fillinger

Storyboards : Eric Gandois

Music : RoBERT & Majandra



Holy shit. amazing…how has nobody posted about how crazy good this short is?


that is really amazing

WOW, is all I can say more


Great wrok


wow, ok, yeah i can’t find anything to crit coz there is just too much awesome stuff happening there that i couldn’t even get my mind around to looking for things to crit (if that makes sense).

unreal dude:thumbsup: cool storyboards too:applause:


I love this short! Really inspiring!

I really like “making of” clips on the web site. I was surprise to see that almost all the environnement are matte painted photos. They are very well integrated!

Congratulations! Very nice work!

I love the song too!:applause:


oh my god…
this is really really good… :thumbsup:


My filter doesnt like the site:sad: I wish I could see it. IT looks great.


Unreal…wow.I love the “making” section.


its an amazing work! i like the light on the two girls body! :thumbsup:


Really good!!!


Like I said in the news section where this was originally posted: I’ve always thought France had some of the most innovative and artistic CG work around and it looks like the tradition continues. Everybody should take some lessons from the camera work, color and overall mood. BEAUTIFUL!


Graphically, that was absolutely amazing. I love the glow effect of the ladies and I love the gothic meets peter chung style. Supurb work! Crits?! What crits, if I could do something half that good I’d be set! But some things I did notice: the beginning lighting was a little off and I think its because the house is a matte, the lighting looks a little 2d. But really thats hardly anything. GREAT WORK AND CONGRADULATIONS.

:bowdown: I bow to you and your co-authors:bowdown:


I Give up :slight_smile:

Only Crit, the 2 Female ghost, the transition from body to smoke is a little abrupt near the legs / bottom is a few shots.

Only question
When is the full version coming to theaters ?


2 months!??! :eek:


That was fantastic. I really love everything about it. The music is great!


Its really cool, The frog is amazing hehe, the only thing I personally didnt like was the song, but great anyway.

I have a question, matte painting is paint above a real video? In what program can you do that?


That was great!
I really like the mood it has. Nice work with the girls, especially their movement in some scenes were incredible and hair work was stunning.

The making of is a huge bonus, its always good to see how everything was put together.

Nice work! Also the music was great.



This is really cool. I like it alot, the environment is really interesting.


stunning. Great work