"Le Centurio" Modern Living Room


Hi everyone !

Now im free and i can rework with 3d :smiley:

So i decided to open a new thread to share with you my progession on this new house room : “Le Centurio”.
In this living room, i want to put simple furnitures, table chairs, plate and other things you can easyly found in a living room, and with all of this pieces try to get a realistic render !

I start the modeling asap, and i will show you the first elements of “Le Centurio” :thumbsup:

Hope you like it ! :slight_smile:

[b]The latest update



Héhé… glad to see you’re back here with a new project.

Impatiently, I’m waiting for more soon… have a nice day Laetissssssss’ :wavey:


Thanksssss have a nice day tooo !! :slight_smile:


I start the modeling this morning !
i post a render asap :wink:


I’m looking forward to seeing this, the stuff in your portfolio looks pretty good. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks !!
i ll try to make a render better than the older :smiley:


this has to become good :slight_smile:
can’t wait to see the first renders


the first one arrives this morning :stuck_out_tongue: :wise::thumbsup:


Hi everybody !!

Here is the first render
test render with a first pass of lighting !

As u can see, the style of the living room is between a kitchen and a classic living room :thumbsup:

hope you like it !


Interesting start Laet’… maybe some strange proportion between low and high elements. You seem to want something really contemporain and clean… this long line of high element “eat” the space.
Care to the space under low elements… a “plinthe” or a filler will be useful… imagine when you must wash under them…

…now I shut my mounth while waiting the nest step… go go go… :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Yes ! i understand what you want to say, but i put a “neon” just on the top of the top elements, so it gives an interesting effect wich can help to recreate the space :smiley:
For the plynthe ok :wink: i put it !

Thanks for the ideas !!


hi ! another up

the table and the chairs
not happy with the chairs !
tommorrow ill work more on it to refine this element !

Thanks :wink:



I understand your feeling about chairs… too massive and the too straight rear part doesn’t appear very comfortable…

…an take care with pink spots :scream: :thumbsup:


hi everyone !!

another up !!!

new chairs… wich i like this time :smiley:

hop you like it !!


Really better this model of chairs…

Il serait judicieux d’arrondir les tiges métalliques en haut du dossier et au niveau des cuisses, sinon ça sera incorfortable du fait de la flexibilité du matériaux tressé, circulation du sang coupée au niveau des cuisses et mal à dos.


ok chef ! :smiley:

pourquoi je suis pas sur maya :smiley: j’aurais fais un lattice :smiley:
lol allez zou au boulot :smiley:

Je comprend que tu ai utilisé le français :smiley: Circulation du sang, matériaux tressé … :smiley:

bisous ! !


Hey you … There I am :blush:

Really cool to see a wip from you , and now I will get the flaeticia’s secret to create great environnement :slight_smile:

A really great start on that kitchen , the new chairs are definitely better
Gonna check the progress for sure !

Have a nice day !

cheers ,



C’est quoi cette meuf :eek: elle fait quoi avec sa langue :thumbsup::scream::bounce::buttrock:


i think u should go at school :stuck_out_tongue: living room its not kitchen :buttrock:


oops … :smiley:


:thumbsup: (i love answer with smileys :D)


Very nice! When are we going to see some colour?
Most of this thread is in French so excuse me if you’ve already answered it somewhere and I didn’t catch it.

Looking forward to an update.