Lcd tv vs pc monitor


Ok, so my trusty old 22’ crt I use for colour critical work, has started some quirks, which mostly have to do with repeatedly loss of input signal.

In the possibility of replacing it, I’m skeptical if (for the same amount of money ~1000euros) it is better to get a largish true hd lcd tv of 42’+ or a pc monitor of 24’-27’.
The former will have 200 px less horizontally which is not an issue for me, as I will be using the display in a dual mon setup.
It will be better to showcase my work for clients, and will double as a hd tv.

As far as colour rendition, dynamic range, etc, will a pc monitor surpass a good lcdtv?
Will colours be less accurate on the tv?

Has anybody used lcd tvs, hooked up to their pc through the hdmi connection instead of the analogue vga one?

I’d appreciate your input.


If you are planning to sit right in front of the 42" just as if it were a 24" prepare to spend some quality time at the doctor. You will need to move your head where with a 24" it’s sufficent to move the eyes and work over all will be much more tireing.
Since you don’t get any mor einformation on the screen i would never opt for a 42" to work with.
If you plan to put it more than a meter away from you the question pops up why you would get one in the first place.


Likewise, I wouldn’t suggest a tv. Personally, it has to do with the res issues which you say you don’t care about. Keep in mind, i know you say you don’t care but listen, that tv’s (unless otherwise stated as 1080i or some STATED res like that, are manufactured for broadcast resolution. IF I remember right, and I have a bad memory, native broadcast resolution is like 800640, so regardless of what res you’re pushing to the monitor, unless its specifically states a native resolution…you’re not actually getting that 16001200 (or whatever res you think your pushing). This is something you may want to think about with purchasing the 1080 rez’s with tvs in the first place. Unless your getting that hd signal from your cable provider…your only getting that native broadcast resolution “stretched” out across that screen.

interesting info regarding HDTV’s

search for more on google if you need more, specifically research about fixed ppixel displays, which is what that HDTV lcd screen would be.

Just reread your post, seems your not even getting the 1080 rez tv’s. still read up on the info I gave you (specifically fixed pixel displays) because your rez is going to be considerably less than the missing 200 pixels you think its going to be.


A 1080p screen will give you a real resolution of 1920x1080 pixels when using HDMI or DVI input. This is a rather ok resolution to work with, but nothing to write home about compared to current 21" monitors or larger.
evanfotis: Just a small test. measure a length of roughly 1 meter and sit in the distance you want to work with the 42". Hold both your index fingers in front of you so you see the left and right end of the marked length through them (mark your field of view). Then keep your fingers steady and look at your current monitor. Now move towards it until the fov matches the one you marked.
Do you feel comfortable with such a large area of display filling your fov?



I appreciae both of your feedback!
@ DigitalBlaspheme:
I know what you are saying and are right as far as broadcast res.
But if I create some HD content and want to show it, or want to see my hd camcorders footage, or have a video out from my dslr, it is really handy to have a large true HD display…

Since I will be using it as a second display it will be placed at quite a distance.
Right now the 22’ seems somewhat small, whereas when I used to work directly in front of it I used to be “immersed” into it…
I mainly use my 17’ notebook to work these days, and have tried a setup of having a 30’er above and behind the notebook and it works fine for me.
So the 40+ will be Ok as far as distance.
I could also turn it around and display some visuals to clients much easier than if I were using a smaller display (which I know how it is).

I cannot get a 30’ QWUXGA 2560x1600 display 'cause my vga card (gf go 7900gtx) will not allow to, and I’m not ready to built a new pc at this time.

What I am concerned about is:
1_ Colour rendition (dynamic range, clipping, etc)
2_Connectivity via HDMI
Thanks again


On a more practical note, have you checked the Samsung Syncmaster 245B?
Here in germany i can get it for €389 incl. Vat.
With 24" and 1920x1200 it’s a real nice deal. Only a TN panel, but the other Samsungs with TN panels i know are pretty ok.



Thanks, I’ll definitely try this out!


I use a 42" 1080p TV set here at the company for presentation purposes. It’s one of the first that ever offered this and it works a-ok via HDMI @ 1920x1080.

I wouldn’t expect any usefull color correction option from a TV.



I was actually thinking about doing this myself with a large LCD TV. Although my idea was to use the TV as a “final overview” type of thing. Not to work on, but just to see the final presentation, to get an idea of what it would look like compared to a smaller LCD monitor. But I really cant see buying a large LCD TV just for that.

And doesnt the signal quality go down when using a TV? I know that coax cable is low quality, then theres RCA, then comes S-Video, then HDMI, right? I probably have that wrong, but hooking my PC to my TV (S-video out to RCA in) resulted in some bad picture quality.


HDMI offers the same quality as DVI. As long as you use the native resolution of the TV set (LCD of course) you get as good an image as with most LCD monitors.
I would avoid all analog connections completely.



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