LC#44 Getty Benchmark Challenge


Hey there Actinidia!

Really great stuff. I have a few notes that I thought could help improve it…

red :: There needs to be some sort of shadowing or a dip in the liquid or something at this intersection point between the cookie and the liquid. I would start with just a very subtle, soft shadow like an occlusion and see where that gets you.

magenta :: the highlights on the rim appear to be clamped just a bit. this might just be the jpg you needed to upload to this site, but make sure they are reaching full white levels and not topping off at gray, clamped level.

yellow :: it’s hard to tell if it is the material on the table, but it is reading to me as caustic passing through the glass. if that is the case, i would eliminate that because the liquid in the glass is so thick it wouldn’t allow light to pass through like that. that being said, i would consider adding a touch of the liquid’s color to the table as if there was some transmittance happening.

green :: i would try creating a very subtle, very soft vignette on this shot in your post processing. This will keep the viewer’s eye more on the main subject matter in the center of the image.

Let me know if you have questions.

Michael Tanzillo
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Here is my first Render for Egg Yolks… and its my first submission …

Arnold + Maya + AL Shaders…



@jojo1975 thanks for feedback,here is updated version,managed to get lighting variation by adding some off camera elements and i am going to try same with Arnold and maya



Hi everyone, I am pretty new to posting on forums (usually I just read through all the awesome feedbacks and renders from everyone).

This is my version of egg yolk. Please feel free to share your thoughts. :slight_smile:

I am using Maya2017 with Arnold renderer. It took around 20+ minutes to render this image.

My version of egg yolk

Color corrected


@dezvous Sorry for the late reply. I meant if you can share your scene files after finishing your entry. :slight_smile:
@ all this weekend will be longer for me an I’m planning to update the feedback, so pls post your updates. I’m very curious also to see your takes on the gelato scenes.
Keep going !


@Dezvousz Waiting for your scene to share
@All waiting for updates. The challenge will keep going @ least till xmas. So you still have a chance to go :wink:
Curious to see how realtime renders performs vs “traditional” renders.


Hello everyone, I hope I’m not too late to participate in this challenge.

This is my first sample on the eggs scene. I still need to read and learn a bit more about sss2 materials in vray so what I ended up using was the most basic type of translucency with a basic vray material.

Looking forward for feedback!




It’s ok for translucency, you can fake SSS with it. I think you used GI since the image looks too much bright- You can try to create an occlusion pass (I think that you can cook it directly with vray or you can simply apply a grey shader to everything and then use it to compose in PS or your software of choice) to add it in post and also try to dim a bit GI if you used it.
@All keep going with the challenge it will still going on for a while.


Hello to all :slight_smile:
While working on a personal project I get an idea for the new challenge :slight_smile: I hope it will be ready in a few weeks. I need a bit of testers for the new scene pls send me a private message if you can help

it will be AWESOME :slight_smile:



since I’m using Redshift now for a few weeks, this is a great opportunity to test out a few things.

Here is the first Test with the Coins: