LC#44 Getty Benchmark Challenge


I cant import properly the coins fbx scene, coins are getting through the glass all the way down. Did anyone get it right???


TRKfran : same problem here, but i just deleted the additionnal coins that where under the glass pot.


Yeah, I am trying to see where will it crash, in 10 M photons or in higher accuracy, but it failed my expectations :smiley:


Egg Yolks &Coins and Glasses

my first wip render image in maya v-ray.


Wow! Nice render NAYAK33!! :applause:


Thanks :slight_smile: buddy.


render with octane in 1280x720 in 3min


Cinema 4D , physical renderer (semi-unbiased method ) no GI used .
resolution : 1600*1200
render time : 40 minute .
machine : core i5 4308U, dual ,2.8 ghz .
I have reduced the blurriness of the glass , and later will make a higher quality render .
now will try the other files :smiley:

how much time left for the challenge ?



Redshift v2.0.56
Render time: 7 min

Nexxt step will try caustic,foam,and the biscuit still looks too bright.



mikeshuangyan : Very clean and fast render, I’m currious about Redshift render, is it easy to learn ? what do you think about it ?

Waiting to see your caustic & foam !

I have just added to the geometry of the foam to match the reference


Cinema 4D , physical renderer (semi-unbiased method ) no GI used .
resolution : 1600*1200
machine : core i5 4308U, dual ,2.8 ghz .

C&C are welcome :smiley:


Hi All, this is my Egg Yolk render. Maya 2017, mentalray 3.14 (beta 8). 52 minutes rendering.


Hi Res



Hello, this is my first lighting challenge…Maya, Arnold



Hello, this is my first lighting challange…Maya, Arnold


Hello to all !
I have to admit that I really like this challenge. Simple but complicated at the same time. So a bit of feedback in reverse order
@kosingcg the image look cool. The yolk texture seems a bit unnatural, probably it have too much noise. Can you give a try without it ? (or just decreasing it a bit ?) Great work indeed !
malioammd. About shaders, the table need a bt of work since it-s too uniform now and also too smooth,The glass look cool but it-s a bit too reflective in comparison with the reference and it has no caustics. The “juice” look very good but it needs a lot more reflection. Also the biscuit need a bit of work it seems a bit too plastic :slight_smile: keep going !
@mikeshuangyan Your biscuit is one of the coolest but it needs a bit more bumps (or displace) as you also wrote. The overall image is coming very good (a bit more translucency for the straw will help, but you nailed the glass even if it lacks caustics)
@DeMazai it looks very cool, can you try to change the texture of the table and post with the same angle of the reference image ? I will be very curious to see the effect :slight_smile:
@Nayak You almost nailed the yols while the coin glasses still need a bit of work. Can you split the image in two in order to focus better on making each of them perfect :wink: ?
@TRKfran. I’m curious to see your update keep posting.
@FeD your work is rgeat. Please keep going with the biscuit scene. I’m really curious to see how you keep going. Your yolks seems real :slight_smile: Mental Ray is really an astonishing render engine. I’ve read that now it doesn’t come anymore with maya. Is that true ?.. Before forgetting can you try to make the water a bit more realistic
@FredSoub Just great ! You nailed the position of the shadows but in the reference they are a bit less strong. Waiting to see more !
@Preston. Waiting for update with more translucency :slight_smile:
@Kosingcg for the glasses image… I don’t know but I still see the glass a bit too transparent and as ragupasta pointed out a bit green ? (is that true or it’s just my idea ?)
it’s really a pleasure to see how all of you are making great images. I think that the spirit of the challenge is this one, simple scenes and lot of work with materials and lighting. !


Hi Jojo,

Thanks for the comment, will make an update on the yolk later with your suggestions. For the glass render, yeah I tweak the color at max distance of the glass, I need to make it darker or will adjust the max distance. Will update all later.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi All, my second try for the Egg Yolk:

Egg Yolk 2

Hi Res


Tank for the feedback Jojo ; After seeing the render of mikeshuangyan, i realy wanted to try Redshift, so here is my first attemp with the free verion. it render so fast !

Rendered under 10min, GTX 750 Ti.


And for Mental-Ray it’s since Maya 2016 that MR dont come packed with it, but i dont have 2017 and i’ve read some rumours too about that… i’m so sad.


Software:Maya 2017
Renderer: SolidAngle Arnold

Hardware Specification
Intel 4090k 4.4 ghz
8 gig ram
gtx 970

Need to find a way to reduce render time my AA settings are crazy . Post your arnold setting in your post .I will submit mine in later post .

Egg Yolk Render Test