LC#43 Tears in the Rain (by Stahlberg)


Hi again,

 [u]cgx :[/u] Thanks for the feedback, I changed the iris and tryed to make the bump/normals more visible like u said.
 The render I used is Mental-Ray for Maya.

cdx : I think u forgot to link the image in your last message :slight_smile:

 I re-worked the skin shader, because I was making mistakes on how to use the mila skatter. I Deleted the hair, this is to much time consuming for me, and it's not realy the challenge here (wet skin). Same for DOF, for more fast render I used Post 2D. I prefere the true 3D DOF effect but I have to wait 30min-1h to get the render done, compared to the 14 min without it.
 I wanted to make raindrop visible on a Mila_layer but I cant get it to show up nicely, if any one have some tips on how to do this the correct way, u are welcome.


Hi FeD
That’s a great improvement for me. Good idea to delete the hair.
One thing I spent a long time on - although it still may not be right on my guy - was the eye positioning,
Your irises are slightly in different in positions relating to the eye lids. This is a small detail but makes a difference to us humans and how we perceive a face. I think the eye on the right of frame needs to look up a fraction to point directly down the lens. Or maybe squint one of the eye lids to match the other.

I think the new direction MILA is taking Mental Ray is good by the way. A very nice renderer.


Thanks Jojo. Yeah, I would head into realflow but one of my goals this time around is to do as much in Max as possible.

So I think I’ve figured out a simple enough solution using just a Vray Blend material. I added a water coating on top of the main skin material and applied a bump and an opacity to it to break up the surfaces a bit. Paired with the particle system, it seems to be getting the job done. Here is a quick (albeit small) update as I was away for a week and am just getting back to my normal schedule.

The knot work on the blade is not my doing and will be getting swapped out for a more custom design. I was just using it to work out the main shaders. Still a long way to go on this one.


Yelena not sure about that big head of yours… Did you displacement it crazy? Look like he has a bald cap with too much hairs underneat. All my focus is on that and not your render.


Right now it just has the normals map that we got with the model. I’m going to be adding actual hair on top, though, so I haven’t been worried about the top of his head too much. Sorry if it’s too distracting right now haha I’ll get around to covering it up soon :slight_smile:


Yes, there are a few distractions. I would develop your shaders with less extra bits in front and behind, if you want feedback from other people it’s good practice to keep things simple. When you work with a client or a director you know they can be pretty short on attention sometimes so don’t distract them with various things that are obviously going to be fixed later. The heart of it is looking good even though the horizon looks too high in the background. Put an infinite plane in your 3D space and it will show where it should be - bet it’s not that high.


Not sure I understand what you mean. Do you want the shader to be simpler with less layers? Can you elaborate?

As for the horizon… The water is the vray plane in the file. What’s happening is that the camera is angled down.


No, the shader can be as complex as you like - it was just the guy’s big head and all the things surrounding him that were a bit off putting when trying to judge aspects of the shader. No big deal.

Regarding the horizon, for me at least - making something in a filmic style involves most often having no tilt on the camera unless it’s POV of a giant. Check out a few trailers and you can see tilt is used sparingly. Again no big deal, totally up to you.


Click for graded full size

I started again, again.

Still got various problems and unfinished things. I forgot to give him eyebrows but he benefits from eye lashes. (Stolen from Digital Emily - as is the skin texture which explains the smudged lipstick)

Fairly happy with the skin shader. It’s getting better but far from being under my control, which is a shame.

I’ve tried to fix it in post but skin seems to be quite unforgiving if it’s not right to begin with.

I have some unholy bright spots in the water highlights. Not sure how to clamp those in Arnold.

The water is at least fairly subtle if not that interesting.

Had an issue with the eyes not fitting the sockets, which is odd.

Click for raw render from Arnold/Maya


first attempt at a lighting challenge. raw render from Mantra

still working on the drops


I got work already and getting busier and busier. hehehe.



added eyes model and textures.

bigger size


Another Arnold render in Maya. New water sculpt and a new Skin shader.


The SSS is good but look like you cover him with gelato: too thick

Some refs for you guys:


So… it seems this is getting a real challenge since it still seems hard to create a human with believable skin and especially wet skin.
It’s time to get the stakes a bit higher.

So why don’t we all give a try to the wiki human project ?
you can download also the maps and the preset scenes for maya+max+alembic+obj. So I’m very curious to see what we can do :wink:

NOTE: By downloading this image, you agree to use this image for research and illustration purposes only, not to transfer or redistribute this image and that you will not use this image for commercial purposes or for resale.

So keep posting. I will give detailed feedback during the week.
G. :wink:


FULL view

have a look : )


Hi everyone !

Here is my take on this challenge. Still need to work on some parts there and there to get it right… but its work in progress :slight_smile:

Had to cleanup model quite a lot to get rid of bad geometry and undesired loops, re-UV.

Going for cinematic film look like Blade runner :wink:

Funny thing , how much facial hair, head hair, eyes… changes people appearance, the model is the same but looks like totally different person from what Stahlberg had :smiley:

Cheers !


Few more wips :slight_smile: … still cant get to the shirt to be done… :smiley:


Decided not to go so funky with colors :smiley: getting there…


Well done, Dodgeas3d, one of the most convincing entries yet. Skin diffuse could use more texture or variation, looks too perfect?