LC#43 Tears in the Rain (by Stahlberg)


I prefer that composition and the aspect ratio.


Preston, that’s looking really nice. Are the eyes just a texture?

I’ve been making a bit of progress the last couple of days. Honing in the lighting and the water on the character as well as his expression. Got the hair and fur modifier working, except for now I’m kind of afraid to break it when I add his head hair and the fur hide. Still quite a ways to go with this, but I’m generally happy with this direction.

This said, I have one question for anyone who has experience with water effects… I’m using the photo bellow as sort of a reference for the general feel of the water running along the face. Though while I have small droplets rolling down, you can see in the photo he has bigger streams of water. Is there a way to achieve a look closer to the reference image using a particle system or would I have to do a sim or model those water pieces by hand?


If you are using 3ds max? then you can use one of the rain drip Particle Flow preset. You can Probably use Bifrost in Maya but I have no experience with that so I am not sure how that would work, either way doing a particle sym with that hair would take such a long time on a slow computer.


Ok here we are back, sorry for not finding us, as you have noticed a lot of stuff is happening and so we disappeared from a while :slight_smile: Don’t worry and keep posting :slight_smile:


Here is what I have managed so far. Let me know your thoughts.


so this is the latest, getting closer, want to add some drips on his face, bump up the wetness, and of course adding more detail/little tweaks overall. any thoughts welcome.



maya, MR

texture: no color tex used. just procedural tex in maya. and normal map.

tricky on shader part, it might gone too oily or sticky look if not tune it carefully.


Maya, Arnold, Apple Mac. No diffuse texture.


Thanks. Yeah, I’m doing a particle system in Max but it seems that it can only take me so far. I’m not familiar enough with Maya to even attempt anything in there right now. I talked with a couple of people and the consensus seems to be that, since it’s a still, it would be easier to just use what I have a base and model out the larger water pieces by hand so I’ll probably go that route.

As for the hair, I’ll be building a low-poly mesh around it to use as the base for particles to sit on top of so it shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:


Arnold is so addictive. I used volumetric light to add atmosphere. The water was just extra geometry set to a transparent material with a procedural cloud texture assigned to the reflective channel. I don’t think the result looks like a real person but it was a fun experiment. A message to everyone is to download the Arnold demo today.


It’s gone a bit ‘Apocalypse Now’


Why your pictures are so blurry? Do you use Depth of Field without a focus point?


The blur was a stylistic choice.

Here is a sharp render:

Some Blade Runner Reference:


OK, so I started again from scratch. Used what I learnt. Please give me your feedback. I have never attempted a CG head shot before. I’m pretty pleased with this.

Drag the image to your address bar to see it a bit bigger.

After Effects composite.

Arnold render.

Wireframe. The water droplets were painted on to the geometry as Paint Effects and converted to poly.


Light set up.


I think this is getting one of the most interesting and challenging LC in a while. gfx you did really a great job, thank for sharing. I will give feedback to all soon.


The last layer of this from the previous wip is subtle, mostly adding more drops and some drips off his chin, ears, etc which were added in comp rather than done in 3d. I basically painted an alpha, slightly color corrected and then scaled the image only through the alpha to give a feel of refraction, its a cheat but I like how it turned out overall. These things read best large and I think the final looks best large overall. I used maya and vray for the 3d and nuke for the final composite.

here is a contact sheet of the build up of the shot (minus the final render)

any thoughts/critiques are of course welcome.

also- really liking what everyone else is doing, there’s some really nice renders being submitted.


You have a very nice wet look skin there that I wasn’t able to achieve. It looks artistic and painterly.


I have attempted to improve my render, although I may prefer the earlier version:
Changed eye texture
Altered eye lids to open them a bit
SSS on ears
Drip on ear
Extra big drip on cheek
Ambient Occlusion pass
Extra wet look pass
Blood made more prominent in After Effects
Tweak grade and film grain


cgx I like that eye texture a lot more, def gives him a soul/personality its the first place i look which is good. defocus is nice too. That’s really coming together! The only thing I would add is a bit more rim on his nose, not vital, but I think it would look nice, you can see that in the ref of blade runner and it adds to the shot in that film I think