LC#43 Tears in the Rain (by Stahlberg)


After doing some research on the web I came across a nice shot from sincity. It really got me inspired.

I think I will do a similar render of it. But more into the art noir fibe. The typical trench coat guy in the rain under a light kinda thing. What do you guys think? Will it still be good for the challenge?


This is the concept sketch I made for it. Any feedback from you guys?


I can offer Trenchcoat and hat if you want


How kind! If it is any good, sure why not ;). I will put your name at it when I’m done.


Looks cool Lucas!!! but you’ll prolly need to zoom in cos the requirement states that you have to show skin as per how I understood it…



Yeah I kinda thought so. I will make another sketch and zoom in onto the character. Make more of portait render. But I still wanna keep it in the same style. I think it would look awesome to see the water dripping of the hat. But than again it would be weird that the face is wet. So I have to think about it


Alright here is my 3rd WIP. Seeing some great first steps on here keep up the good work guys. Still very low quality render. Starting to figure out the story for my soaked guy here and playing with the comp. I like that he is taller and kind of juts out of the umbrella’s. I have 5 spot lights in play here with one environment map to give some ambient reflections and color. See bellow. One of my favorite parts is that this is without any post work its just a straight render.

Its awesome that Steven Stahlberg donated this model. One of my very first 3D inspirations from when I was about 13 years old was Expose 1. his dragon and girl image that was the cover.

Anywho would love comments about comp and feel. Still very early but its starting to come together

Rendered Image

Screen shot Alt Angle showing Model setup

Lighting setup


That’s a nice concept. Love the Idea of the umbrella: nice addition. But look like he’s surrounded by little asian people. He feel too height.

Also as for the Light setup I see a rectangle reflected on his forehead, so I guess you’re using a softbox with a rectangular shape. Maybe try a hard spot on something else… Rectangular shape in an exterior feel wrong for me.

What is your story behind it? You could for exemple try to tell the story that a car is turning the corner and his headlights blasting the scene.


@Scote Awesome feedback! I love what you said about being in an asian country that was kinda what I was going for but I think i might need to put him even lower I tried to ground him more in the comp to make it feel better though. Tried to fix everything else you noticed hopefully I succeeded

Here is my next WIP Need to work on the eyes for sure and overall work with his expression. Need to figure out the point of the image as well. Background needs help too.

Still a straight render from Renderman with no Post work. Im going to try to keep it that way


WIP 5 Low resolution render. Working on expression he feels a little too pathetic and annoying. Its a little blown out and needs some help with the comp. think im going to put him a little lower he still feels a bit tall.


Here’s a wip. Wet skin is definitely a bit tricky. I’m using the blade runner scene as the reference. No skin textures or images used. Just a procedural noise to break up the glossiness in the reflection.

*please excuse the watermark.
ps. Anyone know a good way to distribute water droplets on a surface in Maya without any sort of plugins?


@all As always I will give feedback during weekend but I just wanted to say the pingpang WIP rocks :slight_smile: :buttrock: this is what I had in mind keep going !!


@pingpang That Spec map does such a good job making things feel wet nice job. A great way to paint on without any plug ins is to take your mesh and make it paintable. From there go into the visor and go to paint effects. Go to the water mesh sub section and just paint them on. Convert to Poly after that. You will need to alter a good amount but its a great way to get things moving. You can always run a nparticle sim too but I usually stay away from that

WIP 6 Think the Comp is starting to come together. I need to start adding detail and start to clean everything up. Still need to get the drops on his face to not look so fake. The Eyes need A TON of help so im going to get to that next. Going to get some of the background built out so it feels a bit more deep too


Just added a few water droplets by hand here. Simple spheres intersecting the mesh (which is physically incorrect) But looks ok. Still using procedural noise as wetness/glossiness map


Preston, it’s starting to come together. Did you use particles for your rain? I’m considering nparticles.

Thanks for the pointers on paint effects. I will try that.


Thanks for the great model! It’s giving me some much needed inspiration. I’m going to throw my hat in the ring for this one and take the opportunity to learn some new techniques. Working in Max 2016, Vray, and Photoshop.

      Here is my first WIP. I just started blocking out the scene and adding some base textures and lighting. Things that I'm planning:
        - Proper diffuse and specular maps for the skin
        - Hair and beard on the character
        - Shirt will turn into a fur hide
        - Refining lighting. Giving the scene some life
        - Adding detail and textures to the shield and giving him additional props
        - Water ripples around the character to give him movement
        - Water dripping down from the character and anything he has on him
  • Rain effects
    - Vegetation and snow on the mountains in the back
    - Adding a longship floating in the background
    - Sky replacement
  • Maybe some mist. Will leave that to post work.


still at the very beginning stages of this, so be gentle. this is my first time going forward with one of the challenges so really looking forward to it. this model is awesome by the way thanks to all who brought this together.

I’m pulling inspiration from the blade runner ref given, but also from Detroit the new Quantic Dream game because I’m a fan of their work. but really those feel like there in the same ball park.

Been on this for a few hours now, so everything’s very much a WIP. started with the basic material set up, started face tm, and blocked in lighting. its brighter then ill end up I think, but a lot of that I’ll do in comp because that’s my profession, so I feel more comfortable there. The actual physical rain will most likely be done there for me as well. Really liking how pingpangs rain set up for the mat is looking, so after seeing that tonight I’m going to try to get closer to that feeling, damn good work there by the way.

a lot of cool stuff being posted, can’t wait to see all of these finaled.

by the way, the the red line on the cheek is a zbrush export error which I need to fix, looks like a scar, which I kind of like as a concept, but not intentional at the moment.

any thoughts welcome, but this will change a lot and get more personality. Really excited to do a human as I have never done that before.

sorry for the long post, blame it on my first time in a challenge.

quick mock up of concept


[left]My contribution to the contest.[/left]


Really like where everone is going. So different :D. This is my work so far.


got some eyes now. everything’s still very much a wip. starting playing with boosting the wetness, little more towards hyper real then I want for final. hair, textures, bg, shirt, comp all need fixes, but this is where I am at as of today. I want to put in that circle thing on the face, that you see in the Detroit become human trailer, dont know if I will for final but want to experiment. might mess with framing too, as its a little more towards heroic then I want. Been lots of fun playing around with though.