LC#43 Tears in the Rain (by Stahlberg)


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Hello to all !
So this challenge is focused on two difficult topic (or at least they were difficult a while ago :wink: )
Human skin and wet human skin.
We have a wonderful bust modelled by Steven Stahlberg. Steven also provided the normal maps for the model (even if you are free to paint your own)
The idea is to make a wet look like the one in the final scene of Blade Runner (or a film involving the rain of your choice). Since this can be done in a thousand way we didn’t include any “modelled” tears so you are free to experiment (compositing, simulation, modelling the tears and drops by hand, whatever you prefer)
OBJ worked in my Cinema4d version, you need to check the scale of the obj before importing. Keep in mind that if you will use this model you must give credit to Steven

Pls download the obj here



If posting your own rendered images or video of this scene anywhere out of this thread, please credit Steven Stahlberg. Use any 3d software and techniques you would like.
Changes to the scene are allowed but not required.
Post your work in progress by replying to this thread so you can receive feedback
Feel free to share any extra information or breakdowns to show your techniques or lighting set-up.
Ask questions and give feedback
Enjoy yourself!

  • This challenge will run at least for two months :wink: -


Realtime Render By Steven


Hello Giorgio,
thanks to you and Steven for this Challenge!

I was having a look at the obj and would like to ask some questions:

  • Do you think we could get a version with the meshes already separated instead of them being one big obj?
  • Why is there a second bust next to the complete “assembled” model? Is there a special meaning to this?
  • Could we maybe get the sculpted hair as curves? If you’re trying to do photo-real (wet) skin and then you don’t have the corresponding photo-real hair, I think it will be very difficult to make the image work. I just thought it might be that the hair exists as sculpted curves anyways, depending on how the model was created. If this is not so and there’s only the flat geo’s, I think it would be very nice to have the opacity maps that correspond to the normal maps that are in the archive.

Thanks again!


The model is like that, no change expected man. It’s already a nice free model shared, I think it’s a bit bold to ask retake. Of course the wet look would need wet hairs, but the model is like that do without it.



Separating the meshing into different objects is a common operation in many packages that is usually a one click solution.

As for the second bust next to the complete one, not really sure. Once you break/separate the main bust, the character model is the same. Maybe its there for reference.

I think you will have to sculpt your own hair curves if you want something decent. There are no colour textures. So the normal mapped hair can be cumbersome to paint at best.


Here is my first WIP. Just getting the model in and seeing how it looks and imports and its great thanks so much for the model Stahlberg!

Remember guys you make this your own. So what it doesn’t have hair curves make them yourself. This is about learning and this industry is never going to give you exactly what you want. Its about learning and adapting and making things your own.

Im going to be going for a night time raining scene here. It will really give that gloomy shinny heavy contrast look. Really thinking about Pixar’s “The Blue umbrella”


WIP 2. Adding some texture and getting a feel for comp. Simple light setup one main light and a HDRI for ambience. I think im going to give it a more spot light feel from surrounding cars. Going to add some ambience as well for the overall scene.

Still doesn’t feel wet I need to do a little research


This will be amazing! will get on it this week. Thank you Steven Stahlberg for the model and Jojo for setting the scene up. Blade runner has always been one of my fav movies and to emulate the style set up by Ridley Scott and Sid Mead will be a challenge but one that is very interesting.


Iv’e never remotley rendered a character at all, so be nice. This is just a shader test before I move to the other bust.

All advises welcome.


Are the Colour maps included? Thanks for the scene btw.


When I try to import the OBJ into max14 or 15 = messed up mesh, completely twisted, unusable.
Would someone be so kind to export an FBX or straight up max file for me? That would be nice, thanks.



Chech retriangulate, That fixed it for me.


Hi you guys,

Here is my work in progress so far. Hope you guys like it so far. It’s damn hard to make a nice confincing wet material. I was thinking to maybe render all the layers separate and do most of the work in comp. Maybe that will make it a bit easier. Its still very much expiremental.


hi everyone, first wip… :wavey: first time to upload files. I cant seem to upload in the forums, my files are too big I think.


Looking nice there so far :). Like where it is going. Just a little tip or maybe you already know. But I see the edges of your normal map maybe you have to put the gamma on 1


Hello to all,
so about the model, you are free to modify as you prefer. Since it’s a challenge probably it will be better fo you to paint your own map. Also keep in mind that the model was tested in marmoset and unreal engine, so it’s suitable to be used in realtime.
About the references…
why don’t you give a look here :wink: ?

Every screen capture of this scene can be very helpful. Keep posting. I will give feedback during next week and week-end


Doing a some minor facial expressions in zbrush then I will take the model to Unity.

Luck6 and Pedronix… Nic work. Looking forward to the finished work.


This is a lighting challenge?!


Shader/Texturing/Lighting challenge. Since I had the change to have a model from Stahlberg I guess it was kind of fun to light a pro model. Feedback is always wellcome and also idea for new challenge/help for creating new scenes.


Luck6 and Pedronix… Nic work. Looking forward to the finished work.[/QUOTE]

Thanks man! :wavey: