LC #42 Pipers Alley



One week to finish the challenge :wink:
New challenge ready to be uploaded… so hurry up


where we post final images


Post them here :slight_smile:


Great news! I’m going to see if I have time to entry on the challenge :smiley:


Hi! It’s a pleasure to work on this scene. For this first take, I’ve worked on the sun light. The flare effect was created with two volumetric lights in arnold.

I used maya 2014 and mtoa.

1st take

Light rig

For the next version, I’ll start to work on the sky light and a little bit on the shaders and some volumetrics to create a little bit the atmosphere and the depth of the scene.

All kind of feedback are welcome.



hi jojo1975,

@Ahqi, that’s really a creative take on the scene. Technically I found a bit too distracting the intensity of the lamps and also I will lower a bit the bump/displacement/normals of the street. Can you share your setup ?

  • the lamp glint ? the street i remodel and texture it, thinking to give more details on those rocks :D. thxs for your input ~


hii, great job all, here my progress so far, raw render & still edit some shader for wet look, c&c welcome :slight_smile:


Got some time for a last color balanced version:


[left]Full-res version:


Happy New Year, btw!




gerardo : woow cool man : i love the ambient & framing


Thanks Andry!

Getting a realistic contrast ratio between the moonlight and artificial light sources is commonly tricky and relevant for the overall final look …seems by the raw render you are on the right track there, I think.

Looking forward to seeing your progress.



Thanks gerardo :),


Final Entry second version…:bounce:


Hi all! That is my version of Pippers Alley. All kind of feedback is welcome! I used Arnold with Maya and Nuke for the comp.



in a few hours I will close the thread and open the new challenge :slight_smile:




Really Great work I like the variations. It has a really creepy feel. Reminds me of silent hill. The volume lights really gives it a lot more emotion and dept. The last image has some burned out spots that draws the eye out, but the overall feel is very good and impressive.


Yes it is kind of eerie but indeed beautiful ! I like the foggy atmosphere. It’s true that there is some very overexposed light but I love the image as it is :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing


Thnaks for your comments . Another render with better quality .