LC #40 Junk Room


Hi all,

thx jojo for your comment! Still thinking about how to fill the empty spaces…
For now the oil drum is textured, changed the ground tiling and the carpet texture.
Hope u like it :slight_smile:


Hi all, i gave it a try as well, pretty much standard daylight scene, but i like the warm look. Edit: Hm is post processing allowed? Did some on this one…

EDIT: Ive updated mine, some contrast adjustments and godrays:

And a fun version :wink:


This is my first try for this challenge


Hello to all :wink: The challenge will run a bit more :wink: don’t worry I need to coordinate with Roberto :wink: All great work around I will give more detailed feedback during the weekend :wink:


Done this over last week


@MayanKLal shaders look good even if I will change a bit the texture of the drawer, the scale seems too small. Lighting is looking good, I will add a bit more the contrast of the overall image. Keep going !
@metafus Very cool overall image ! I will be very interested to see also a version with a bit more stronger colors
@IgnisFerroque Great image, I love the warm colors I will also give a try with volumetric lights
@Fex keep going and keep posting
to all keep posting, we will have new challenge soon :wink:


I give C4DtoA a try on this interesting challenge. Welcome C&Cs :slight_smile:


Here´s an updated version of my Junk Room.
I extended the room behind the camera a little bit and added a wall to close the room so the light just enters through the windows.


  • Maya + Vray3
  • Sun and sky system with the sun falling through windows on the left.
  • Volumetric Light Pass for the sun rendered seperatly and added in Photoshop.
  • Color Correction in PS and Lightroom.


moved around the junk in room and adding some mold to the ceiling.
made the image a little saturated and increased the effects of the light
from the windows.
Using 3dsmax with Vray


Hi all,
here is my last update. Everything is textured now.
This is done with Houdini Mantra. Its lit with a sunlight, one portal with a hdr, and two bounce cards.
Hope u like it!



I made this room a little more homelike :wink:

3ds Max + Corona

There are still a lot of things to do…


@ dra
I guess if I had to live in a junk room that will be great !
@ all pls keep posting, be patient we are going to start a new challenge soon !
I will give detailed feedback on the posts during the week, so keep posting :wink:


Found some time after being swamped by work. It turned a bit into a color frenzy after I decided to include the environment texture into the lighting…
Still 3dsmax, Corona and Substance Designer.
I hope you like it…


hmy first try :slight_smile: pls give ur feedbak :slight_smile:


improved version


Where does one find out when particular lighting challenge ends?


the current challenge is still on-going, we are also trying to make a more “strict” schedule for the challenge to come.
I had some personal problem last week, pls keep posting and I will give feedback asap


hello all this is my final work for junk room in sunset atmosphere, done in Cinema 4D with Arnold renderer. (fixed light leaking problem from previous attempt)
Welcome comment and critics!

light setup


Hi everyone!!
A newcomer here, any comments and suggestion really appreciated :DDDD


I’m preparing the models for the new challenge I will launch it ASAP :wink: