LC #36 A light before death !


wow! great lookin scene! thanks clint rodriguez!


The obj link is dead, could someone be so kind and upload
an obj or fbx? Thanks in advance.


Hey guys,
This is my first time with any lighting challenge. I have attached my first pass. Looking forward to get some feedback :slight_smile:

Have used Maya, Vray and Nuke.


pls also if anyone can send me the obj I will add in the first thread. Guys keep going !


hi all
this is first test in this challenge.


This is my first lighting challenge. I look forwards to get some feedback :slight_smile: Have used Maya, VRay and Nuke


The time this challenge is over?


at2142 I’m very glad you downloaded the file and start your entry.
I would like to see a bit more contrast in the image with some tonal variation.
For everyone I suggest an “old” tutorial (it seems yesterday to me I’ve read it) which is very good !
also as always Jeremy book ! (it’s the most important book I’ve read in cg and also for his book it seems yesterday I’ve first read it)

about your image. I find the gramophone in the center of the image a bit too bright and distracting. try to change a bit the angle or the color of it :slight_smile: Great image so far keep going

To all !
I want to see more post and to get crazy ! POST lighting setup please, WIP are very encouraged ! Keep going !!!


Before Easter 20th of April everyone have to post a lot of good work otherwise I will get very upset :wink:


ok and thanks Mr Luciano.


Hi !

Nice challenge, always fun to do some complex indoors its always challenging :slight_smile:

Here is my first camera test, more to come…


By the way … did anyone notice that girls dress was wrapped on lowpoly body mesh and chest area is polygonal ? probably author of the scene forgot to subdivide before simming cloth? or this was on purpose ?


HI Please help!

When i open the file my maya just crash always :cry:


Hi Guys,

Great Challenge! Thanks to Clint for letting us use his excellent models.

I have decided to port the scene to the Redshift Renderer and enter with that.
Gotta love < 2 minute full GI/IC renders with all the fruit :drool:

So, here is the basic port of shaders with an ambient late afternoon light. I have changed some of the textures to taste. Next stop is porting the character, then lighting proper begins :smiley:

right-click>open in new tab/window for 1080p images (forum really should lightbox this… is there a way I don’t know about? :slight_smile: )



to all !
keep pushing !!
@Dr tardis try to increase the caustics if your render support them. it seems a wonderful start and also I’m very interested in having a look at new render engine.
I will start a long vacation and so I will have more time to comment. Continue posting till end of the month ! and then a new challenge will start


Nice challenge, I want to participate in this, hope I will get time soon…


here we are to all keep posting ! I hope during Easter to see a lot of new images :wink:


Hello to all …
Also I have decided to try to create some image of the Challenge …
3D Software: Softimage 2014 (Autodesk FK)
Render Engine: Redshift3D v1.01
All images are produced them as Softimage and Redshift3D, no editing!



Hi there !

Nice progress you got there… Redshift looks promising. I went for the night/dusk shot, looks more deathly :slight_smile:
By the way Softimage + SItoA :slight_smile:

HQ 2k click on thumbnails:


wow Dodgeas3d like this alot the lighting and volumes are really nice!