LC #36 A light before death !


ALLLLLrighty. Finally back with My Second WIP. Took me some time to figure out the mood. I finally went through and made most my own materials to give it the look I want. Still tons of stuff to do and still getting the mood and feel right. Comp Ect.

@jojo1975 Giorgio thanks my man! I actually just changed it up pretty heavily. I will definitely post some making of material here soon. By the way just re read the book as well. love it.

@Cre8 Could not agree more but im leaving the treatment of the girl at the end. Just getting the environment and feel right. And I really appreciate it! The feeling is completely mutual, always nice to see familiar faces.

@zbugja The lighting you have right now is awesome. Its really cool to see the side profile lighting to the scene. Id fix the carpet and desaturate the hair texture



Here is my first test :slight_smile:


Heres a 3rd Wip. Slowly heading toward somewhere I like. Still need to get the lighting right.


Ok 4th Wip with some light setups. I have 6 Spot lights, 2 Areal lights, and a directional light for the main sunlight. I have 6 spot lights because I did a bunch of light linking.

The only light using Global illumination is the Directional light. I cranked it up a bunch to give it the nice mood. Filled it out with the Area lights.

Using Maya and Mental Ray

The character is too heavy handed on the backlight but overall the idea is coming together.


The renders are not coming out because the render mode is set to final gathering only change that to normal and It should work fine



While the backlight is a bit too strong right now, I like it for the simple fact that it brings out the forms of the face better. You could use your other lights to emphasize those, too.
(E.g. move your bouncelight of the table to shine a bit more from under the face and, if this is a one shot setup, perhaps add a light or move the light from the window a bit away from the camera. Right now the light from the window and its bouncelight are hard to tell apart and add up to a rather flat light, which might have led you to add the strong backlight. )
You could play with the camera and composition a bit more, too, if you want. While it’s probably intentional, the picture hanging there in the left upper corner, cut right at the eye, draws a lot of attention.
There is definitely some kind of dialog going on between the two faces, so I’d incorporate the picture or leave it out completely. On the right there is a lot of empty space. You could make this empty room your topic, too, but then I’d give it even more space.
Sorry if I started rambling somewhere along the way, all just my personal point of view, of course, and I really like what you’ve got so far.


Other than the volumetric lightbeam, which looks a bit forced to me, I like where you are going. I think there is some kind of candle holder right to her left and top. That might give you to possibility to add another soft rim light and maybe (just maybe) even turn off the lamp in the back. (An exaggerated cigarette glow might be cool, too, in such a dim lighting situation. )



Thanks and will do that… :slight_smile:
Is there any way to do a good glow effect in mental ray?? I mean not the regular methods like using the light material or using the surface shader mia material combination. Normal glow looks noisy in Linear workflow.


Here is my second test…


Hi all, this a really nice challenge. This one is done with Houdini, worked with the obj file. Thx for the cheat sheet Diffus3d that helped alot.

     [[img][/img]](<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo light_v001_1k_zps429369d4.jpg"/></a>)


@anishsreedhar: This version seems a lot friendlier to me. The desk is melting a bit into the background, though.

@Fex: Loving it! Perhaps you could bring out the big portrait a little more and lower the DOF effect a bit, then you had three points of interest on the left and some kind of oval compostion going on together with the woman.

I hope it’s not considered rude to comment without contributing oneself.


Is there any restriction of using render engine or we can use any?


No problem for posting feedback without posting images.
No restriction about the render to use.
Keep posting


Thx Noren for your comment!
Tried to put this in my next version, although worked on more rim light for the hair.
Hope you like it.


hi and thanks for best challenge.
i very love this challenge but ,
i live in Iran and i can not download Textures.
when download this ZIP file ,it error for extract .
please help me.
thanks for attentions.


Hi! i am really interested to participate for this contest. I will give my best. Thanks


Before extracting how big is the file you succeed to download ? probably the zip is incomplete since the scene is quite big


ERROR:Unexpected end of Archive!
file size:157 mb


Yeap the file is incomplete… as you can see when you download from google drive the size is
353 MB (369.846.142 byte)
so you should retry to download and then uncompressing it


Alrighty. I have changed some shading and some objects and some lights and added some old fashioned effects here to give the whole thing a more sombre tone. Come on people, keep rendering.