LC #36 A light before death !


wow Dodgeas3d like this alot the lighting and volumes are really nice!


HI Dodgeas3d

volumes are very cool looking. can you please share how you actually created these volumes


Volumetric effect are created by volume scatter (Arnold - SItoA) effect, and its cast by lights. I tend to render whole scene in black shader + volumetric scatter, and that I add later on top of final image. Quite simple :slight_smile:

I will show later visual process if needed.


Hi Dodgeas3d

Thanks a lot. i would love to see the process…

actually not able to participate in this competition don’t know why my maya just crashes when i open the file :frowning:


:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Hi there!
Any chances to have the original scene exported from Maya as FBX so it can be opened in Lightwave with textures? :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

Here is my first pass at this. I think I will be reworking a few more of the materials and playing with the composition a bit more, but overall this is the direction I want to take.

Rendered using Vray and 3ds Max. Some light touchups in Photoshop.


:wavey: My final render, done in maya.


Really great entry there ! just a quick feedback @ alessandro try also a night scene


Wow!!! you guys are doing a far better job than I ever did on this project :slight_smile: . Some great entries :thumbsup: . keep it up guys, hope to see some more. Cheers :bowdown:


As everyone render these tinny rings, I decided to go for it too :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. My attempt to LC #36.
Done in Houdini/Mantra/Nuke. I see some ugly outlines and other issues, but my time is up :slight_smile:

         Thank you.


A bit with a twist this time :slight_smile:
And yeah this is the last one.

Nice challenge, fun scene !

In case some monitors are too dark :slight_smile: very hard to work on dark tones…


So in reverse order a bit of feedback :slight_smile:
@ Dodgeas 3d I really love the volumetrics , very wonderful athmosphere, I would have add a small fill light near the corner just to highlight bettwe the twist :wink:
@mirast wonderful rendering, can you post the light setup ? I would probably add a rim light behind the head of the lady. Also it’s difficult to understand where the light in the front of her head come from
@Dodgeas 3d I love also the small details. try to improve the caustics of the ring :wink:
@chandranathkoley Very good render you can try to add a bit more contrast in post :slight_smile:
@Eric-Harvey Keep posting :wink: I love the start :slight_smile:
@Aleyx, the scene is a very good start, now you should add a bit of atmosphere to the render. try to shift palette and choose a color scheme for the lighting. You can develop a look also in post no need to rerender
@all !! soon we will start a new challenge ! Keep posting and keep them coming :slight_smile:


experimental post , hope you’ll like


@chandranathkoley I freaking Love it! Awesome job totally tells a story


Hi jojo1975, thanks for your feedback
I will post the light setup asap.
I agree with you about rim light and front light. Rim is a composition issue…
The problem with front is that I wanted to make it subtle. It was, and still is :), difficult for me to demonstrate by lighting that there is a window in front of her and not showing the window itself. Subtle but clear… it is a challenge inside challenge :slight_smile: I want to make front overall light more blue, more blue on a dress and bottom part of her face. It helps I hope :slight_smile: And sorry for my english.


Next step :slight_smile:



I had only a few hours to work on it. Only Direct lighting.


Next challenge ready :wink: one week to post your final entries :wink: