LC #35: Compositing part I


Here is the proof. I have never stolen a model in my life and do not plan on doing it anytime soon.

^ Link is high res.


@RedStarGraphics I guess I need to eat my words here. I appreciate the quick reply, Topo looks different enough… so i guess i’m sold. Its just These models are very generously made public so you can see why i’m eager to call people out for using them without crediting. It just seems very odd that your very detailed model matched the model supplied and was only posted in these forums so thats where I made my judgement call. On your website the only reference to a Lambo is one that claims shading and lighting. With retouches by you. and It was the exact image in here. Im sorry for the wrong accusation. I might also add that is a very good model, well done.


Dude it is totally understandable! That’s why I wanted to clean this mess up right away.
I totally agree with you on giving credit where credit is due. I would never disrespect another artist esp a modeler with something like that, I know exactly how many hours go into producing a model and for them to share it for free is just awesome!

Yeah I was actually comparing the two from you guyses renders and its an amazing model I must say! I would have loved to his model and I even downloaded it, but I dont have maya as mentioned before so I just used this one.

Again, if this disqualifies me I have no issues with that, but I figured because quality is so similar I don’t really get an advantage when it comes to that.


@redStarGraphics totally not about Disqualification just as you said giving credit where its due. Really glad you cleared it up. Im going to have a model up here soon and lets make sure it goes across all platforms. The 3D community is something much different than any other art community where we need to respect each other since the rest of the world really doesn’t get what we do. Thanks for the honesty. Keep up the awesome renders my man they are really good.


Thanks Patt! I def want to enter more of these fun challenges. Great practice for sure!


no disqualification of whatsoever. Generally speaking when taking part to the lighting challenge if there is an heavy modification of the model provided it’s right to post it in the thread where you show the image. Also I would have tried to improve mine according to suggestion :wink:

KEEP POSTING… 16 days LEFT :wink:


A huge Thanks to Giorgio Luciano for the lovely model. :-)great details.
Here is a WIP i rendered in Maya using Vray. Composited in Photoshop. Comments and critics are most welcome.


Here are a couple renders showing the progress of my lighting scene . Im using 3ds Max 2012, Vray 2, and After Effects. Im finishing final render right now.


So i finally finished my lighting Scene. Not sure if i did the contest right because it seems like everyone is lighting to a back-plate, never the less here is a small breakdown for my submission. I used 3DS Max 2012 and i rendered in Vray. I used Various Vray lights: Mesh Lights, IES lights, and self illuminated light Textures. For the Fog pass i used Vray Atmospher I composited in After Effect using EXRs for the main Render passes and TGAs for the Multimattes. I hope you guys like.


Here’s the final output


Here is my first try ! The final animation rendering is running.

Enjoy ! :wink: