LC #35: Compositing part I


I tried some things to improve the previous image, but wasn´t very successful…
so I decided to create another shot this time with an hdr and a better perspective for this car.

Here is it:

The HDR + backplate are available @ as free asset for non commercial use.


In contrast to all of the sleek shiny waxed-up new cars I’ve seen posted, I decided to do a bit of a mussed up version. HDR + Mental Ray + adjustments in AE.

please, critiques welcome!


@dmamadness I love the different approach. Right now the mud doesn’t feel right its very flat. I would add a bit of a bump map to it as well as a little color variation in the mud. It feels like it was just painted on. Also the background image seems a bit desaturated its causing a little conflict in my eye. Maybe dial that up a little. Keep going your onto something very cool.


Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been a bit busy. What I meant by “the clear coat is too strong” is that the reflections facing camera seem too apparent. I would like to see more diffuse color towards camera and strong reflections at the glancing angles.


Nice scene. I love the bg plate. I would try to break up the reflections of the sun on the car so that there was more of a falloff. There should be a really hot glint where the sun is reflecting and dim across the car. It’s very planar as of now. I hope that makes sense lol.


Love the dirt! I especially like how it looks like you ran something over on the driver side bumper. Is the background image and the car in the same color space? I looks like the bg image has incorrect gamma.


yeah the dirt i loved something totally unexpected caught my eye instantly usually you expect some of these clean glamorous shorts of cars but this was nice


Remember To Post Final Images !!!


Hi guys! I just found about this challenge, I’ve been messing around with the lambo today!
This is what I got, I’m also gonna try different shots!

Maya Vray Nuke and PS

What you guys think?

The HDR and the backplate are from


Hello phantom,

lighting and shading is looking good!
Maybe it´s just me, but I think the perspective is not right.
The Car seems too long and flat and the angle is not matching with the road.


This seems like fun. Here is my progress so far. Need to bump up render settings to get rid of some noise. Some minor material tweaks may also be needed.

Phantom - Your lens distortion is way too wide. It may be accurate to camera spec but this could be a scenario where you go a little different to make sure car is presentable.

Funkygfx - Those headlights are sexy mate!


Thank you Sergey!

Your image is great.
Totally love the carpaint shader and the background image.


@Phantom28 Really great start I will add a bit more light in the front of the car and eventually add a bit more reflection. - Also you can try different camera anglesKeep going and posting
@RedStar. Lovely start I’m really interested in see more posting also other angles :wink:


Thanks you guys, appreciate it! The perspective don’t look right indeed, I had trouble matching that.
I’ll work other angles, and I’d like to say that the model is amazing, really easy to work with!



Don’t really have much time to play with this anymore so I guess this will be the final of my render.



Thank you for the new lambo model, it is far better, so here is my work in progress.

I’am sorry because I dont have time to put comment/advice on all the renders


And here s my try.


Guys I have a question, how do you manage the fresnel on the carpaint reflections?
I though that the car didn’t have reflections on angles facing the camera, but they do, at least the shiny ones.

@RedStar Both entries are amazing, I like the first one more :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you share a little bit about your escene set up?


@RedStarGraphics When you post outside of the forums credit the modeler. No respect for the post I found on 3Dtotal. Hope I don’t see that again.


@prestonplatt I don’t have maya so I never got the model open. I take full credit for this model. I can post any wireframes needed as proof. As a modeler I would never disrespect another artist by not giving credit.
I felt because its the same make/model It would be ok to use it in this event. If not I have no problem with being disqualified.