LC #35: Compositing part I


Was this the Digital Tutors tutorial?


jameshodgart maybe you should read what you just quoted, maybe the answer is in there


Gah Silly Me!

It looks great! :slight_smile:


I have not forgotten about this challenge! Took some time away from this due to work overload but now im back at it.

@jameshodgart Thanks I really appretiate it.

I went back and fourth these last 2 days deciding the context that I composited this car into. Decided finally that I wanted to try out doing a miniature composite. So I went out and bought a 3 inch mirror ball and had some fun.

WIP 1 the cones and car are 3D. Still a bunch to do still not convincing enough to make me happy.


Very nice Preston!
I first realized that the cones were 3d as well when i read it in ur post :slight_smile:

Your first render looks very good as well.


Hello Preston !
That’s a great image :slight_smile: It is the kind of image I was thinking about when I started the challenge. I hope that more people keep posting !


Hi all … I am new here . I cant put my WIP render image here . I don’t know how to insert an image . Please help me .


My contribution:

Feedbacks are welcomes! :slight_smile:
Hope you like! :slight_smile:


Here’s my first WIP on the Lambo. Many little details to fix but overall lighting is done. Pretty easy outdoor physical sun/sky. Beautiful model. Easy to work with!


Love this image! Can I offer one suggestion? We see the underside of the car reflected on the table. Could be nice to break up that black with suggestion of some mechanical parts maybe? Lighting looks great!


@deijardon Very good suggestion. Right now one of the main reasons Im not happy with the image is because the car is not modeled to be a toy car the details in the model are too perfect. I might need to remodel or approach different style. You’re image is absolutely beautiful. I love how the car looks wet after a storm just broke. Really awesome.

@funkygfx Thanks I really appreciate it! Id love to see you get in this challenge as well, you freakin dominated the last architecture one.


My work is almost done . I have rendered it with Maya mental ray and composited render passes into photo shop .
Waiting for the feedback :eek: …


I’m a fan of your composition. :slight_smile:
Red and desaturated dark blue is very strong! :thumbsup:
Did the photo came from you? Where did you find it, I’m interested! :smiley:

Did you work in linear? I have the impression you didn’t.


@ Narann… Yes

Dear all … please give me some feedback :eek:

Please check my blog for larger view


No I’d did not take the photo. I did know that I wanted this particular angle and then I searched Google till I found and matching one. It helped as well because there was a car in it so I copied the lighting.

Here is the original images :slight_smile:


Hey! Nice start. My biggest suggestion is to make the BG show up in the reflections on the top of the car, hood, etc. That will ground the model. Also the clear coat seems just a bit too strong. The forward facing reflections are really prominent and wash out the red color in the paint.


Really nice image deijardon!
As Preston already mentioned the wet carpaint looks awesome.
I like the perspective as well.
Can´t wait to see your next version with details fixed.

I also have a wip for this challenge, but I´m not that happy with the result so far.
The backplate I chose isn´t perfect for the lamborghini cause the front view isn´t that spectacular…well I could have seen this coming…
Furthermore I just have the backplate, neither a HDR nor a reference car in the image.
I thought of it as a challenge, cause that´s what this forum is all about right?

Plus my comp skills definatly need massive improvement :wink:
Comments and ideas for improvements very welcome.
Here´s my wip:


@funkygfx I know not having an HDRI of the scene is annoying but you did a pretty damn good job. Right now my eye is a little thrown because of the crispness of the car while the foreground has a very intense motion blur. Just an idea but maybe a harsh zdepth layer where the back of the car has some blur. You could even make a forward motionblur version of the car with key frames and add that blur in where appropriate. who knows how good that would look but its an idea.


@ deijardon

Thanx for your suggestion , The sky reflection on top of the car is there , may b its not visible in this small image . Please check the image in my blog

I can’t get your point " Also the clear coat seems just a bit too strong" . Please tel me .


Thank you Preston,
the car is already rendered with motionblur (moves about 5-6metres / 25 frames).
I chose such a minimal movement due to the fact that I thought of it as a rigshot, where the cam is attached to the car.

I´ll try to increase it´s movementspeed and therefore the blur.