LC #35: Compositing part I


Hi, can you smooth the cars (I’ve seen the Lambo only) two or three times in your modeling program and export in fbx/obj? The wheels are good but i have problems when applying smoothing to the geometry of the car.
Thank you very much.


@Jojo1975 I think the lambo might have had crease values applied that did not export.


this is the max file I thought I had selected the edge and applied smoothing groups.
Keep in mind that the reventon is not curvy as the aventador.
Every feedback (helpful one) and help is very appreciated. :wink: In the meantime try also the other challenges :wink:


Nice challenge! this will be fun :slight_smile:


Would gladly participated , but c’mon guys, those models looks awfull! My apologies to the author, but i aint see the reason to try to render this ones.


I would like to remember

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pls contribute solutions ! :slight_smile:


Loads to tweak, but here’s approx 2 hrs worth of attempt. Hope you like. :slight_smile:


Still tweaking materials, but its coming along… Had some problems with the model in that the doors didn’t meet up with the back panel, and the pontiac logo had no faces on the front… Blender and rendered with indigo


Can we tweak models ? cause reflects are not so good !!


Yes of course :wink:


Plezz Someone Help Me By Telling How To Post My Render Pic


Waiting for new tweak and renders. Pontiac is coming good ! If you have also maya files pls share ! Soon a tweaked lambo will come out from a friend of mine :wink: in the mean time keep posting !


Hi guys

Check out my output and give ur views

Thanks and regards
Ashwin Kumar


not sure why i cant open both the fbx and the obj of the pontiac in maya
do you have other export?


This is my render of the model for lambo which Luciano gave me about an year ago. With the help of my friend I tweaked the model and finished the render in Maya vray . The post work was done in nuke and Photoshop . So friends here it is , comments and critics are welcome:)


Finished up a little shot for fun / learning. Blender to track, Arnold to render and Nuke to comp. Will post a breakdown video in my own thread later tonight (see signature)



Hey Guys

Here is Render and comp for the contest. almost complete.
Rendered in maya, Mental Ray


THEY NEED to be improved I know. But CONTRIBUTE instead of sterile critique.

Hello, I am new to this forum and really need to practice my lighting, compositing, and rendering. I don’t really want my first post to be criticizing someone’s work, but you asked for an honest critique. I probably couldn’t model it any better, so no offense at all.

If you look at your model compared to a reference, you can more easily tell where there are issues. I drew blue lines over the reference that show the angles and edges that make the car look so sexy. In green, I attempted to draw those same lines with your edges.

The basic shapes are the same, but it’s the topology itself that needs some tweaking.

On the subject of lighting and compositing, I will post my renders when I have more to show!




I would like to know if there is any specifics to uploading the final renders for the pontiac ?
please help out on this.

also, can i upload my final rendered images else where too outside cg society? I am asking this since the deadline is still not up.

Looking for to some replies.

thank you