LC #34 : Interior !


I’m using maya and arnold…

Oh yea don’t mind the black square behind the curtains, that’s due to the alpha channel, a white card is gonna be placed behind there and will fake overexposure in post.

after doing some testing most noise clears when sample level is 7 but that is a two hour render hmmm…

Edit: later on made adjustments


@Kysg if you are usgin maya you can paint the carpet and then convert the paintfx into geometry. Arnold should have no problem to work with lots of poly :wink: you can give it a try
Keep posting !


Another wip

Can’t figure out how to batch render from arnold. I know I can use kick, and I know there is a help command but I just want to be able to just render a sequence of frames.


A step back in terms of light definition, but a step forward in getting a faster render. Ditched area lights in favor of lumigons (invisible objects acting as light emitters) - only useable with GI though. Around 10 strategically placed lumigons of various light colour and intensity. One physical sun and one portal also.

Rendertime 6min 30 sec (@900x450 pixels) in Modo 701

Full HD takes almost 36min…


So this is really my first time trying my hand at lighting. Here is my WIP Image still trying to get the curtains to look right.



Here is my next step to be as close to reference photo as possible:


Everybody render so realistic image! I want to learn how to achieve that.

A friend told me that my render is unrealistic because there are too many lights. But I don’t want to use GI because I can’t handle the noise well and can not afford the render time with my old laptop. I hope there are ways to improve the realistic using finalgather. I will be greatfull If you give me some suggestion.

I use mentalray with finalgather. There is an area light with look-up texture work as sky, two incandescent lambert wall with ramp texture at the back of camera, an area on the ceiling simulating the bounce of sunlight, an area light and directional light that just lit the curtain. Render time 6 min.


Oh. This is a duplicate post but don’t know how to delete it…



This is my last W.I.P. post here. Next one'll be in Final Entries Post.

I've corrected the floor and sofas.

Here's what I've got (RAW render):



@Kcpr, very nice renders and very nice sofa textures…
Here’s my contribution, I didn’t use the base model, (hope you don’t mind @jojo1975), as I had enough time to spend on it :slight_smile:
Didn’t model the sofa and books but modeled the rest. Organic things modeled in 3dsmax and the rest in sketchup. Rendered with indigo.
Things to improve for next time: Fill the pillows, curtains, find a way to make decent falloff textures for clothes.

Photomatching in skp.

Some process pictures:

Skp views

color id used for post production.


Ups! I just see I took a diferent foto reference, so there’s something missing in the left part of the image.
Here’s the foto refenrence i used and the raw render


Another view for fun:


@fenerolina great job! I really like the texture of those pillows :thumbsup:


here you have:


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