LC #34 : Interior !


Here’s my round 1 rough. Vray/max. I live in a place where it rains most of the time (Portland, Oregon), so I wanted a sunny day instead of the cloudy type. Wishful thinking I guess…


Love all the work guys.
I’ve kinda setup my scene for my shot but haven’t had time to do much more than that.
I’m not sure if i can make the deadline.

I’ll keep checking in though.


Hey All,

Here’s my First WIP for this challenge. Hope you guys like it and give some comments to improve my work.
Thanks all.

Hi res


Hi guys plz tel me how can i post my work?


you can do a reply here and use the insert image option that will appear while writing the message. You can link to your website or to an image hoster you prefer.


Dear Friends!

I jump into the contest :wink:

Here are two of my WIPs, with different location of sun…

These are raw renders, some things left to do …


Hey guys, does anyone have any suggestions for the books? I heard someone used a plug-in but i wasn’t sure.


For me they just kinda worked. Are you using max? I just put the textures in the same folder as the max file and that was all it took.


Here i have floor and books texture only. still working on other textures.For books i have used triple switch and 8 book textures.
Maya, Mentalray, render time 20 minutes.
]( Uploaded with[/IMG]



My WIP. This has 5 area lights and one directional (sun) - no GI. 17min render in modo 701 at this resolution/quality (1200x600 on a 4770k). All post proc (bloom and color saturation inside modo).

Curtains are difficult to get right :stuck_out_tongue:

Books on the other hand - select all books - assign the same material. In the material introduce modo’s new “Variation texture” gradient that will give each item random color from the gradient - voila! :cool:


Here is my first render(published). First time trying out a linear workflow. Still working out kinks with over bright areas. Hid some books as well because of lag on my machine. Cheers!


@nitz I really like the image as start. I will make a bit more of closeup. The green color of the sheet is a bit distracting why dnt’ you try a more neutral one ?

@deijardon it seems a 70’s room :slight_smile: I will change a bit the texture tiling of the floor now it seems quite big keep going !

@runejw yeap curtain are difficult to get right :slight_smile: Keep working on them ! I will also contrast a bit more the image. the bookcase on the right seems a bit washed out !

the shaders need a bit more work and im my monitor the windows look a bit overexposed. Keep going !

in the second image the shadows lkooks better. The carpet material seems good and also the bookcase. Curtains need a bit of work. Great potential in your image !
Keep going !

Keep posting


Hey everyone, this is my first time entering once of these challenges. Any and all constructive criticism welcome. I did move some stuff around and change the scene a bit, i hope thats ok. Im using Blender with LuxRender, with some post and compositing work in Nuke.



Here is next W.I.P. image:

It’s closer to the reference photo but I’m not 100% satisfied yet :wink:


A little evolution. Using 6 area lights and one sunlight. No GI, but don’t save much time really since the area lights needs in the order of 1000 samples to not give grainy results. 34 min render.



I would like to ask, where can we post final images?

In this thread or elsewhere?



…OK, nevermind…

I’ve just found final images Thread… :wink:


Round 2, no longer draft.



7 area lights
5 with GI and 2 without GI
working on this in arnold

gonna use a whitecard to fake overexposed BG in post so that is why the middle of the windows look incorrect.

Also I saw someone was using a triple switch for the books?? how does that work?

have no idea how to get that carpet working
render time around 43mins I think…have to figure out to bring that down.


@Kysg what software are you using I see Arnold? Maya?