LC #34 : Interior !


Hi all!

thx Giorgio for the scene :thumbsup:


Thanks Giorgio for the nice scene, i use maya, so i download the obj and made a small change.
lighting and rendering with maxwellrender. I’m still working on the curtain material.


I think all the images are coming out very very good. pls keep posting :slight_smile: I will post a more complete feedback at the end of this week-end :slight_smile:


hello, everyone, this is my new WIP. i made some adjust on lighting and curtain material, and also made a OCC passe render. finally color correct and contrast in PS. next i will add some details on the sofa.


This looks already very good.
I am curious of how you’ve set up your lights. :thumbsup:


@pinhead122: Thanks a lot.
i think its a little differences when we use different renderer, but the ideal is almost the same. goal is to make the same as the original photo, so i use the sky dome instead physical sun.
2.i create couples pieces fit the windows, hide from cam(its wont cast shadow), apply a emitter material to light the room. because the indirect light always slow down the render and make more noise.(the same in mental or Vray)
3.i found the curtains, sofa on the right, and bookshelf is still too dark, so i create another lights to fix the problem.
4.finally, i will talk about the curtain, personally i think its better to be single-face object, thats easier to contr.

later i will share my steps of the render test and the settings. the challenge is free to play, i am enjoy it, maybe i will give a try on sunlight or nightlight render when i finish this one. Looking forward to you guys great works. :buttrock:


@fangjing I love your image so far. The lighting is dead on I would work on the books now. They need some more variation as well as maybe a little scaled down vertically. Not much though, I do see how you are trying to really recreate the image. Some nice additional modeling as well.

Here is a quick Wip. Rendered at very low settings. Im really unhappy with the drapes they need some work. Overall tons of work needed on this one.


Hi everyone. Here is my first WIP image with all of the major elements blocked out. I still need to add a proper rug to the foreground and from there will be mostly working on details (sofa fabrics, curtains, ect) to finish the image.


@prestonplatt:thanks for your comment. I think your image is good enough :thumbsup: i love the color and the carpet.

Because its free to play,so we cant say which one is better, my suggestion below is base on the photo.

1: I combined some books, and use a planar mapping on side, the cover face may not correct, but they so far way from the cam, god knows. :shrug:

2: I rebuild the white curtain by single-face, apply a SSS material. in my first and second wip, u can see the curtain is translucent,and blur the frames behind, but it has no vertical shadow. by far i fixed it with OCC com in PS. now i think maybe the problem is the curtain is too flat, i will do another test later. i try to done the 99% work in just one single render. the orange curtain i apply a SSS material too.


very simple env, in order to cover the light coming from under the horizon(i use a sky dome)

the emitter boards facing inward the room

the boards facing the windows in order to make the curtain and wall light a little bit. all the boards are hidden from the cam

this board is to lighting the sofa on the right

there is another cone light to lighting the bookshelf(not display in the image). and i put two black boxes to reduce the secondary diffuse from the white wall. one is behind the cam, another is beside the bookshelf.


Wow, this is awesome! I need to get to work! When is the cutt off?


@ Kinetiic: I think end of September.

Here is an update to the render. I added fur to the rug and fixed up some other small things throughout the image. If I have a descent block of time in the next couple of weeks, I may go back in and sculpt some proper pillows for the sofa. Otherwise, comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Tuning colors (color splotches will be corrected)
Fix fur on carpet
Add curtains
Add background


Hello, this is my quick WIP. I only assigned super basic materials because I wanted to concentrate on the lighting first. I can spot a few issues (like the cloth on the bench looks pretty bad), but could you please critique the lighting and color scheme? That would be super helpful!

I feel like the lighting is a bit off, but I can’t put my finger on why. Thanks!


Johnathan, what program are you using?

One thing I find helpful, when working on lighting, is just doing a white override material on everything except for the glass. That way you can gauge exactly what the light is doing without textures getting in the way.

The tricky thing about this scene is getting the light to be very diffused. In the photo, there are no harsh shadows because the curtains diffuse all of the sunlight/skylight and create very soft shadows. To fake the effect, I used a very high area shadow setting on my sunlight (3ds Max + Vray) but depending on what program you are using, you may need to go about it differently.

The sunlight, itself, needs to be moved up. It’s shining too far into the space. It helps if you pay attention to something like the bookshelf. Check how far the exterior light reaches along its surface. It will help you figure out just how high the light needs to go.


I’m using Cycles in Blender because I don’t have Vray for Max or Maya. The same principals should still apply though. In my scene I removed the curtains, but I should try putting them back and doing as you suggested. When I’m doing lighting, I work with one light on at a time and I find that helps a lot. I’ll try the override material and see how that goes. Thanks for the help!


At first I just took a quick look at the picture and lit the scene out of my head, but this time I tried to be accurate to the reference. The materials still leave something to be desired, but how is the lighting? I feel like it is almost there, but not quite.

OK, after a bit more work I came up with my final image. It could definitely use more modelling attention, but I don’t want to spend too much time on something I won’t put in my portfolio. Thanks for the help guys, and critique away!


Here is a WIP, let me know what you think.


Hi everyone. I hope you will like it. Here it is :slight_smile:


This looks really great :thumbsup:
Overall lighting looks fantastic.