LC #34 : Interior !


Which settings and engine are you using? Are you sure you don’t have some unusual setting?
Try to render without curtains.


Using Vray in Max. I will re check my settings to see if there is anything thats causing the slow renders times.


Well, its my fault…trying to help other members!


I suggest you to render with a pure diffuse white material and after add materials one by one, to see if you have issues with shaders. Personally, I think the problem is with the curtain shader, refraction often leverages render times.



@aduha The image is looking nice. I think you are using maya if I saw correctly. If so make sure your gloss iteration count is not too high, photon count is low, and it looks like you might be using a good amount of translucent objects those will increase it a bunch as well. Also the refractions already pointed out. just some thoughts. I would work on the drapes a little more maybe make them less translucent. looks great though.

@okmijun Im curious as to your theory on having the same camera angle?? claiming it will turn this challenge into “rubbish”. I don’t really get it.

@Jojo1975 thanks for the link with the book textures that was awesome of you.

I know this is a little different but Here is my second WIP. It needs more detail and a lot of work on the little characters. I want to get some feeling out of it. Over all alot to work on but im excited about where its heading.


I think it would be great if everyone render would like to render the same camera of the reference and then add new cameras. I think I got also other reference. But as always you are quite free :wink:



@jojo1975 Here is your “common” angle. I put this together in 10 mins with one area light and GI. it could use (needs) a bunch of refining but im a little uninspired by this angle. feels like yet another arch vis


@ preston. Of course you are free to do whatever you find creative :wink: I will not kill anyone creativity.
If you go for the “toys” approach, why don’t you also go more crazy and experiment to a “pixarish” illumination ?
there’s you will find some references
and pls post more :wink:


@Preston the couch leather looks really awesome! I honestly have no idea how to do suade on the couch.

I’ll have to figure out how to bring in fur on the couch.


a very good tutorial on interior rendering


First Try at this, using Vray for maya 2013, tips needed.


@jojo1975 thanks for those references Its important to keep a focus on learning in these forums.
Here is my final Wip. Im happy with the feeling and over all lighting. I might try to change up the characters a little more on my own but this is the final. Im going to work on that other angle for fun.


would anybody be so kind to add a working fbx file with camera position and rotation to first thread.
both links will end up with max files.
and maybe further information on camera setup will be needed that get lost in fbx files
fe. focal length and film offset.

best regards


may anybody be so kind and upload a working fbx file again, so other 3D apps may join this challenge too?
till now both links in first thread are linked to the same max file.
may further information about camera position would be nice to recreate original camera position:
afaik some information about camerasettings get lost with fbx file:
f.e. focal length, film offset (if used)

best regards


Hi, I’ve made an FBX version out of Maya. Hopefully it works!




@Mor4us To get the right angle… The angle in the sample image… the couches and carpet need to be moved further into the room. I noticed once I did that the view was possible to be achieved


Looking good preston

Will be switching to maya from max for this challenge as the maya viewport performance seems to slightly better.

Ps, which of the participants are employed in the industry right now?


@abuha Thanks I appreciate it. Cant wait to see your next WIP. Solid call switching to Maya Thats what I prefer

Here is my Next wip of the supplied angle. It still needs a ton of work. Great article thanks @jojo1975. biggest issue right now are the drapes but im trying to keep the image as one single render which has been a bit of a challenge.


This is my first test render, i use maya and maxwellrender. Thanks for jojo1975 's nice scene, I made some changes to make the scene look more close to the original photo. Curtain material is the hardest part i think. The white one is not translucency,but also a strong diffuse, i’ll keep on it.


hi i m vikram and i m talking part in a cgtalk challenge for the first time
can u guys help me in knowing the last date of the submission of my render of this scene plezzz .