LC #32 - P1 - Car on Tracked Shot


This challenge is awesome timing since I’ve been meaning to train up on some lighting techniques for work this summer. What I’m going to do is take the Pontiac car provided and put it into a tracked shot. I’ve already grabbed a shot from VideoCopilot and tracked it in Blender. I was originally going to do the lighting in Blender but since I’ve got some down time at work, I’m going to make use of the Arnold licenses we have and give that a try instead!

The “story” of the shot will be that this person had been driving the car, ended up in this lot and cannot find whoever he was pursuing, so he got out the car in frustration. It will be running idle just behind him.


It would be nice to see the results.

ps, not to highjack your thread but I can offer HD video footage to anyone wishing to work on a collaboration.


A rough first pass, setting up the scene and blocking in some of the lighting and base material. Going to focus on creating the first pass of the materials next!


Scratch that last post, started some basic material prep on the body and rendered out a sequence. I think the car is being sub-divided at render time which is resulting in some funky geometry.


Just realized you can embed YouTube directly! Here’s the latest render, still working out how best to control the shaders. Critique is welcome!



thread stuck till the end of competition :wink:


Sweet! Well, I’ve managed to get the car graded to match the background plate (or close enough as I’m going to get anyways) and am working on removing the guy from the shot in Nuke. Not really sure what I’m doing, first time trying Nuke, but hopefully I’m getting closer!



I think I’m going to say my shot is complete, definitely a fun little project to keep me busy and learn a few things about lighting / comping. I’ll post a break-apart later tonight.


Track = Blender
Render = Arnold*
Comp = Nuke*

  • First time ever trying these, learned a lot!


Made a quick breakapart for fun



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