LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"


batcha maybe this tutorial also can help you


@nicelife Those shaders are sweet. That floor is totally rockin’ :slight_smile:

 I finally had some time to put together a small video of the Farnsworth house in Cryengine. Still needs a lot of work..


edit: is it possible to embed the video?


hi everybody

I wanted to thank Giorgio Luciano for the wonderful modeling.
I made a simple animation with the Farnsworth House which you can see here (it appears around 2:29)

I have see here a lot of great work and good guidelines :slight_smile:
I hope to participate in future challenges when time permits … keep up the good work !


Chrisis, nice video. :thumbsup: I look forward to see more.


in would like to post the render I made … but how can I upload the image and attach it to the post ?

Greetings Patrick


Hi Patricks,

you need to upload your image to something like imageshack and then copy the link they give you and use the brackets to post your image here.


thank you very much cyrus3v

I hope now I can attached the image


A quick test. will do some more with different angles. full res


Hey All,

i know m a bit late but just liked the challenge and thought of giving it a shot.
So is my First WIP. Hope you like it.
Waiting for some Comments and Critics.

Software Used. 3Ds Max and VRay. Some work done in Photoshop


patricks, tuffmutt1 and nitz3D, all of you are doing a fantastic work.

patricks I think that you may need to add some blur to your entire background, instead of just one area.

tuffmutt1, your render looks good but a little dark.

And nitz3D maybe you can do the floor less reflective?


So when is the deadline now? Might have a crack if I get some spare time :slight_smile:



Thanks cyrus3v for the comments.
Here’s my 2nd WIP with the interior image also. Its a bit low quality image.



hey lighters!

i am Smitha…im new here in this forum…im learning lighting…and im overwhelmed to see the lighting challenges here!

my only question is are the models given here as challenges are with textures?? i really take too much time in doing texturing so kinda worried abt it :frowning: :frowning:


Hey Smitha… The models are without textures… u have to do texturing and lighting both in the lighting challenges.


@ ALL the end for ALL the challenge is end of September :slight_smile:
@ nitz. You did a terrific job. I would add a bit of dirt to the shaders that now look very “clean”.
Also you can see that the trees are a bit different in the reference. If you have time I would change a bit them in the background (if you render using rendering pass it should be not too much work to composite a different background)
To everybody. Really great work ! Keep posts coming :slight_smile:


Hey Giorgio,

Thanks for the comments. Will sure look into that and will update the renders accordingly.

Thanks again.


Hey Giorgio,

Do you mean the end of this challenge or for all the active challenges?


for sure for this one :wink:


My first WIP of the Farsnworth House. Not happy with over all amount of light in scene. Might open up the curtains. Also chose my own angle just to be different :slight_smile:


it’s a very very wonderful start. Can you try also to tilt a bit the camera in order to correct the prospective. I will be curious to see how it will look :slight_smile: the shaders are great ! Keep going !