LayoutDialog with arguments


one quick stupid question: can i pass parameters to a layoutDialog?
i have something like this:

def chooseSavePath(l):
print l
form = cmds.setParent(q=True)
cmds.formLayout(form, e=True, width=500)

which i call with this:


the line :

cmds.formLayout(form, e=True, width=500)

generates the following error:

Error: RuntimeError: file <maya console> line 6: Object ‘MayaWindow|MainAttributeEditorLayout|formLayout2|AEmenuBarLayout’ not found.

If i get rid of the argument it works… How should i do it in order for it to work?


unintentional, sorry…


i found the solution:
result = cmds.layoutDialog(ui = ‘csGetShotChooseSavePathUI(’+str(userVersions)+’)’)

and the function csGetShotChooseSavePathUI can’t belong to a class.



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