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Why is my geometry all tris and flat shaded in Layout ? I cant nail how to have a smooth surface in Layout.

should i send my geo to Layout first as a lowpoly so i dont get this ?

thanks !


You need to switch on Smoothing in the Surface Editor.

Do yourself a favour and read your manual a bit - btw I’m not saying this in a sarcastic/irritable way, but actually because LightWave’s manual is pretty decent and helpful for stuff like this :slight_smile: It does explain how the Smoothing option works, but generally the default value works for stuff like your model, so you probably won’t have to mess around with it.


You must be joking, im a Maya user and i model my stuff in Lightwave, i think it was a good question well asked

How do YOU know if i read the manual or not ?


Leigh has psychic powers. :slight_smile:

Luckily it’s a moot point when you bring the object into Maya.

Second possibility is the shading level in the Layout window is set to flat shading mode. <-Nope, not an option in Layout. Doh!


Thank YOU zuzzabuzz well said, i expected an answer along that

The Lightwave community is the coolest on cgtalk, why are their moderators so rude ?


Umm, why the antagonism? I answered your question… and if you had read the manual, you would have known what was causing this problem, ergo you haven’t read it (or all of it), so I suggested that you read it a bit. Exactly how was I rude??? :surprised Suggesting a solution so that someone can avoid running into future conundurums while offering advice to alleviate their current obstacle is pretty far removed from my definition of rude.

Sheesh I guess that’s the last time I’ll waste time to help you out. I came back here to check if my suggestion had helped to fix the problem only to find you insulting me. Cheers.


I don’t think she was too rude. She did put in a smiley after all.
I’m gonna go read my manual now. :smiley:


Unless I’ve been overlooking something the past four years, Layout doesn’t have a flat-shaded display mode. Only Modeler does.


hmm wowo i wonder if you guys are both chicks leigh is what about you peanut?? :twisted: :slight_smile:


True, but if u have surfaces that dont have the Smoothing option enabled, polys will display as Flat Shaded. You never noticed it? :smiley:


That’s correct! I felt kind of uneasy saying it without starting up Layout to double check. But, I did it anyway.


BeeVee just posted this on the Newtek Forum, thought it would be a good link here too:

How to ask for help on a forum:

(BeeVee is like the NewTek God of Europe).


What have i done wrong ? i asked a simple question … the answer was that i according to leigh i didnt read the manual even if the geometry i modeled came from a tute that i saw in Dan Hablan lightwave 8’s Book. Took me 3 days to model step by step with the book.

your losing your time here, everything was adressed already.


Yes peanut, and your model looks very nice. You asked a question, and leigh really only told you that these kind of questions are most easily answered by reading the manual.

I can easily understand that leigh, who uses a lot of her time helping others on this forum, gets tired of being called “rude” just because she points out the obvious - in a polite manner. She stilled answered your question.

Internet Forums are a difficult arena, people are easily offended, words are misunderstood. Therefore, i think the link from BeeVee is a wise reminder on this forum as well when these things pop up. For all of us :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if I have offended you in any way by my link. Peace.




ahahhahahahaahahahah peanut gots some real fans here


That was my point…that unless your surfaces have smoothing turned off, that’s the only way you’re going to see (what appears to be) flat-shaded mode in Layout. :slight_smile:


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