laying out UV shells so they are the same size


I have a bunch of objects which are all the same material - I would like to be able to lay the Uvs out in the same scale - so that my square texture checker shader has squares all the same size from one object to the next. I have tried to do this with normalise but it doesnt work on multiple objects. I could do the work-around and scale ech one manually so that the scale matches accross the board - but surely maya can do this???


Well, technically you could derive the surface area from each and every object and select all UVs of the objects and scale them appropriately. I don’t have my manual with me otherwise I could probably build it for you.
Or you could just go and scale the objects manually if there not too many objects.


might you be able to temporarily merge and layout/normalise the shells? then separate. if they have histories, do it on duplicates and transfer UVs.


yeah I suppose I could do a combine, its an arse ache, but may work well. Ive just scaled them manually this time - but next time I will have a go at a combine…


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