Layers :(


Hi, 1st of all, sorry for my bad english :confused:
I recently started using Painter X, but i found that for example, start a drawing, then i just want to add lines or colors or whatever on a new layer…but I can’t :s
The new layer/s appears inside the layers window filled with blue squares, i just want to draw on the new layer like in photoshop, as simple as that :frowning:
I searched on the preferences menu, but must be me cause didnt find anything to do with it…
btw: tried adding ink layers, normal layers…water, whatever…no use
Thanks :slight_smile:


Layers work fairly well in Painter X. That’s the version I’m on, and I use Layers all the time. They don’t work as they should, really (especially if you erase on a layer, good god, look out), but they do work. I can’t imagine why you’re having this problem. Blue squares? You may have the layout grid turned on, is the only thing I can think of. Look under Window > Divine Proportion, see what you have turned on there, if anything.


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