Laurie - Composite, Khurram Alavi (3D)


Title: Laurie - Composite
Name: Khurram Alavi
Country: Pakistan
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

We recently finished up on this test at Trango Interactive.
The likeness is that of the actor Hugh Laurie(House).
The sculpting, texturing and composite have been done by myself while the lighting and passes have been provided by Hassan Sarwar.


This is great, seems a bit stylised but I like it, what render did you use? I like the hairs, are they rendered or paintedin post?



Very nice work bro
try to crop the image to the centre
also, the reflection on the eye is too much, and you need to reduce it.
The glossiness on the skin need to be reduced
Best Regard


pretty nice work :slight_smile:


Superb work - the frontal view looks perfect in this case, and Laurie got his typical expression :smiley: Saturation is slightly overdone imo, and eyes look a bit small (especially the iris). But otherwise a solid job! :thumbsup:


i like your works man!


very cool man,I agree with drmaya!


Very cool your job man


nice job men :thumbsup:


wow x-lant modling i like it but agen u need 2 change the backgruond jest

good luck 4 ever :beer:


The eyes area is fine, but i think that you need to work on the rest of the fce to achieve more likeness


Great work, man. The Big House! I did a portrait of him and I know well how difficult is to obtain his real facial expression (see my portfolio and banner). Your piece is really great, and the texture, the light or the eyes are awesome. But (sorry), I think the jawbone is too thin and gives to the face a strange wince. Maybe, if you try to put the hair, the alike will improve. It´s my constructive opinion. However, the picture is great and I congratulate you.
Best regards. :beer:


nice eyes and textures


Impressive work Khurram.

I especially like the eyes.


Great work. :thumbsup:


For my diagnosis, the eyes and the crop isn’t the problem. In some way, I think that the clear bg bring some mistery… and the glossy eyes emanate the dramatic appeal of this character… i don’t know… just an opinion… Anyway, by his mouth curvature, I would say that he has a stomachache… perhaps because his bald problem…

Great Job! Congratulations! :slight_smile:


I think you’ve achieved a great likeness here and very intense! Only crit would be the eye reflection near the tear duct is too bright and maybe you could tone the bump down a bit. But the facial hair is superb, I’d really liked to know how you rendered it and comped it in? Well done!


tarik3d, baxterbrian: Thanks! The hair is part of the texture. No physical hair in this piece at the moment.
drmaya: Thank you! I made around 5 options on the skin but the opinion has always varied on the look of it.
far, Molier: Thanks!
Ferrick, zokana, murdock64: Thank you! Laurie’s face is such a challenge to sculpt as it’s not what you would call your average male head. Had alot of fun with this one!
Zoshalistik, ziggwies: Thank you!
johannmoises: Thanks :smiley:
Edone, Morris-3D, simyevil, hoops1: Thank you :).
jadecilcleton: Great diagnosis ;). Thank you!


If you weren’t going for 100% realism but rather a personal interpretation of the house figure, i believe you nailed it. And even if the colors are exaggerated and so on i think it adds for me.


color is way off. since when dr. House has been afro-asian ?