Laurel & Hardy, Tj159 (3D)


xtremly good…


I’d swear that is a shot from the movie… Amazing work you got there


Man totally shocked. I thought it was a photo for a sec till i scrolled down and saw wirefames. Great stuff. Good to see it got to the Front page!! :thumbsup:



Here you go have a drink!



Meg egyszer gratulalok!!!
Fantasztikus!!! :applause:


Yeah, Stan should look skinnier, but besides that, it´s almost a resurection. Congrats!


Szia! :slight_smile:
Ez 5 csillagos munka!!
Gratulálok!! Nagyon eltaláltad a karaktereket!!




Impressive - but give us the background story !

What did you use? How long did it take? Why did you make it? :bounce:


Really great work!!!:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Great work!

Can you post the reference photo?


No background story. this picture was prepared for may portfolio, bicause I looking for a job.


Absolutely an Awesome work. Even black and white pallete gives a superb atmosfere. Everything is very well modelled and textured.


you will find one (a job ; )


Excellent modelling and texturing; you’ve captured their essence really well.

However, I do think the lighting really lets the image down. Hardy’s chin is almost black underneath, and Laurel’s ear has a dark shadow right under it.

Perhaps adding a rimlight and some soft highlights will really bring the image to life.

Sorry for the crit, I do love the piece, I just think the lighting could make it look so much better.

Cheers. :thumbsup:


I’m sure there are some details to tweak, but for the moment, I don’t even want to think about them. I just want to enjoy the work. I was a big Laurel and Hardy fan as a kid, and you absolutely NAILED the feeling, expression, and chemistry between the two of them. This is really great. Are you planning to animate?



Cool. I have already seen your work on, but i tell you again its awesome. You can see so little of these kind of pictures nowadays, although they “shine” pleasent feeling, so as your picture. Grats!



This is Fantastic!! :eek: Very Nice Work! :thumbsup:

Nagyon jól sikerült. Gratulálok! :beer:




that belongs in an art gallery instead of on this site. INCREDIBLE work! The only thing that made clear this wasn’t a photo, is that laurels face is a bit too fat, and there’s also something wrong with his eyes (like he is very tired or something). And the pointing finger from hardy is a bit off too … Other than that = amazing.
If you showed only hardy’s face people would think you showed them a photograph. And your “suit-material” really blows me away !!!
I bet the job offers will come in soon with a piece like that!