Laurel & Hardy, Tj159 (3D)


Laurel & Hardy


frontpage, cgtalk award…


omg, this is awesome … and only the 2nd person 2 reply :shrug: … anyway keep up the good work man … and post some wires :thumbsup:


OMG this is amazing…

only crit i have is the hand of the fat guy (i never know which one is who :)) it looks more like a prothese hand then a hand of flesh and blood… but anyway great job


Great job!!!

Can we see some wires, please?


oh my, thats good, thats realy good

wires please :slight_smile:


Have you rigged them and will there be an animation? :beer:


oooooo that is very good.


No crits.


Udv foldi!

Ez fantasztikus munka, gartulalok!! Hihetetlenul elethuek a figurak, en nagyon sokat neztem ezekbol a regi filmekbol, le a kalappal oregem!
Egyetlen kritika, az baloldali figura, (meg ma se tudom melyik melyik nev szerint) valamivel sovanyabb kellene legyen.

5 stars!!!

Congartulation!:bowdown: :thumbsup:


excellent work.

You could pay some attention to the hand, it’s deforming in an odd way.

Very nice though,



incredible, nice environment. and yes, also unic problem is the hand.


just saw this at XSIbase. Great work. I think you could add some wrinkles to Laurel. is the compositing done in FXtree?


yeah thats great. you’re obviously going for that old film effect, but it would be good to see some more scratches and lines added in post to get the right feel. and maybe the hand needs fixing. good stuff.:thumbsup:


Mint már otthon is Ã_rtam, nagyon rendben van ez a munka. Gratulálok!

Congratulation! This is fantastic work. You did your job!


very good work man :buttrock: no crits too


Yup… :slight_smile: Frontpage, Award.

Great picture! Only the hair’s a bit off, but I think it’s not really that important at all.

  • A.


boah cool! :bounce:
thats awesome … can we see a Wire + Scene-Set ? :applause: :drool:


Thanks for all the comments!
Modeled and rendered in XSI. For preparing the composit Photoshop was used. the effect was prepared in Digital Fusion.



You may want to consider making Stan’s face a little thinner.

It’s possible that in later years he put on weight, but in his prime, he was extremely thin.

But this is very minor. At first, I thought it was a photo.


Great piece
you got the characters very well
Waiting fro teh animation :slight_smile:

I have 2 minor crits-
the hair on forehead look painted
theres light shining through his jacket, as if he kept a lit torch inside :stuck_out_tongue: