Launching MOBA-like Arena based Mobile App Game, looking for more concept/3D modeler


Who are we?
Hi! We are a untitled independent team who is looking to make a push into the mobile gaming industry using FTP module. We are creating a MOBA-like mobile title that is similar to the hugely successful title named Clash Royale with as well as similar style. We are trying to put together elements from Dota/Clash Royale/ and finally Puzzles and Dragons together to create a lasting title that will generate years of profit.

Who is leading the project?
I am a current active employee at a popular mobile gaming company and is about to ship there second game. With the knowledge and experience from my years in the industry, I thought I should start my ultimate project and build a new foundation. I believe with my analysts and research, we can create a profitable yet exciting and fun game within this ever fast changing mobile industry. If you choose to join the team, you will be able to learn how real companies run a development cycle with tricks and shortcuts to meet production line!

Art Style?
If you take a look at our attachment, we are creating a 3D Pre-Render style game, so we would need a lot of modeling including our units, and battlefield. Everything will be rendered per frame and made into a sprite sheet for our developers to put into game. Literately even the buttons are 3D pre renders! We are looking for concept artists to create concept environments and characters!

Who are we looking for?
Concept Artists who can produce work similar to our example
Texture Artist who can create high quality art for rendering
3D Modeler for our Champion units and their underlings

So what do you get out of it?
You get to be apart of our journey to success! With your dedicated help, we can make this happen, and once funded, we will be able to pay you for every artwork you’ve done, and possibly even salary payment within launch with paid relocation to our base office in the Bay Area of California!

So let me know if you are interested in becoming a part of an experienced growing team that will produce a AAA quality title. You would definitely get some sweet models for your portfolio.

Contact: PM me with portfolio and Email, I will email you back with responds!

I will keep this open until the positions are filled, we are looking for limited artists