Lathe modifier artifacts


I am using 3ds Max 2015.

I have created a Line and then applied Lathe Modifier but the reflections and the shadows on the object are looking weird as if there is something wrong with the geometry or topology.

Look at the result

Any ideas?


I found it. I had to make the vertexes of the Line smooth or bezier instead of corner.


You’d just need to adjust the smoothing groups after using Lathe


How do I do that?


Add edit poly on top of your stack, select all of your polygons , scroll down to Smoothing Groups and here you can chose Auto Smooth (to let max generate smoothing groups) or press one of the numbers to apply specific group to the selected polygons.

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How about Smooth modifier , set to auto smooth based on angle threshold .
So you can change things down the stack without need to reapply smoothing groups.