Hi everyone, this is pretty much my first post on cgtalk…kinda been hiding away animating…I went to Seneca College, and this is my Demo reel that I came up with during their 8 month program. Let me know what you think!

Demo Reel:

I will eventually come up with my own webpage and stuff, but for the next few months i’ll be traveling Europe. If anyone wants to contact me, drop me an email : Thanks.


I had to watch this without audio so it’s kinda rough to judge the dialogue driven stuff. But anyway here are my crits.

Couple things:
Those fancy titles don’t do much for me. The first one is way too long. Maybe spend less time having the text come together and a bit more on the actual information (that’s what is most important there.) All together I think your titles should fall in the 5-8 second range. Also the pacing of your reel slows down too much on the second title. I’d be tempted to stop watching there if I had a whole stack of reels to look at. Maybe figure out a more creative way to communicate your credits within the reel.

I don’t thing your opening piece is your strongest. It’s not bad but you have a couple weird poses in there (mostly his arm/hand on the close up seems very un-natural). Plus I think you missed a great opportunity for some anticipation when he slams his hand don on the table. Also the face seems a bit lifeless.

I really thought the first clip with the roman guy was one of your best.

The clip after that with the creature thing is not bad but it’s a little weightless on the first jump to the right. Also, this is more of a editing crit but at the end of the first creature shot, it jumps from right to left. And then in the next shot it’s moves left to right. That makes for a very disruptive cut. Maybe try a horizontal flip on the second clip so that it heads in the same direction. Also cutting on the action would help smooth it out a bit more. I would cut the first few frames of the second clip so the that the animation syncs up and we don’t see him repeat the jump. The animation on the run is good.

The clip with the evil boxes is pretty simple but shows some nice timing and s&s.

The next clip with the roman guy is also one of your best.

The comp’ed shot with the creature is nice. I think I like that one more than the first one.

Again the roman guy weight lifting is great. Move that one up in the reel!

The animation on the titles for your 2d work is also to fluffy. Display the text and get on with the show. Remember, your applying for an animation job not a motion graphics/title maker position.

The paintings are nice but what most employers will want to see (from what I know anyway) is gestures and simple life drawing. Show them that you understand the human form and how to imply weight and motion within a sketch. here’s a link to one of my personal favorites to further illustrate what I mean

All in all you got some good stuff going on. (especially in an 8 month period) I think you should reorder and recut your reel a bit. 2 minutes is an ok length but I think you should really try to keep it under 90 seconds. Get to the good stuff and don’t fluff it up with long fancy titles and “ok” animation. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…" you’re only as good as your weakest piece."

Sorry for the harsh, nit-picky crit but I believe in throwing it all out there for what it’s worth. Take what you will from it. It’s just my personal opinion.

Good luck in the future.



Thanks Kevin! I will rework my reel so it is the best that it can be. I agree with you on almost everything you said…exept for the first animation which I think really benefits from the audio as it is a dialogue animation…so if you can, try to critique it with the audio :wink: As for the rest, I will try to re order some things, fix some animation, and shorten the titles! Thanks for you help. Later, Eric.


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