Late return, Jaroslav Pijáček (3D)


Grandmother is the super!:thumbsup:
Its really amazing work!
So much details! Wonderful!

Can we see the wireframe?


Stuning details
I love the true side of this scene and also the wallpaper


Fabulous! This piece has so much soul and story in it. I would be interested in your inspiration behind this and any references like a particular photographer’s work that you follow or inspires you. Also, the way you worked on it in Photoshop. The colours are great and I like the shadow figure behind the patterned glass door.

Superb work, really. I think this even deserves an award. Its pretty rare.



Where’s my jaw… oh, there it is, on the floor!


Really great job… I think what primarily draws me to it is how much character you were able to portray in both her and the environment. Love the little touches like the wrap on her right leg and the fly catcher. Some more wear and tear on the wallpaper would also really help sell it.

I would say the shading could use some however, since it’s a little inconsistent. Her skin and clothes look really good, but the hard-surface elements in the room don’t hold up as much. It feels like it’s stuck in an odd hiatus between trying to go for photo real, and attempting a more “painterly” look.

Would love to see the wires and gray shaded. Excellent job altogether! :thumbsup:


While I enjoy one hundred eyed, ogre-elves just like the next guy, I really like seeing images like this even more! Thank you for sharing something so human and making an everyday scene interesting.


Great attention to detail and amazing technical skill. After looking at the other images you’ve created, it’s obvious you’ve got a great sense of atmosphere and composition. Hope to see lots more.


Quite nicely done



I support you,too.:arteest:


Congrats for the front page. Not to mention the technical quality this has a really good idea behind it :thumbsup: .


I love this image - great job! :thumbsup:


Really good picture! I love it! It has this modern kind of social realism to it - the subjects, the light and the dark shadows, and the setting. You have totally nailed something here. Its really good, and quiet different than all the other contempoary art-stuff comming out of 3d-artists these days.

Thanks for sharing!



Hehe, nice idea! Amazing work! :slight_smile:



This picture reminds me of the kind of work Norman Rockwell used to do for The Saturday Evening Post. :slight_smile:

Congratulations for the frontpage.


outstanding work
congrats! :thumbsup:


You are a total crazy maniac :bounce:

Ti si nenormalen bre :slight_smile:


Very nice work man :slight_smile: Amazing Texture work . and love the soft light . and the oily jar on the table . (y)


Excellent work mate, looks like grandma house, awesome. Keep up!


This is the first piece I have seen posted on here in a couple years that felt like actual artistic thought went into it and not just a technical exercise. I’m surprised that more people aren’t posting on this thread their thoughts of this image.

At first I was really taken aback (in a good way) with the tonal range and subject matter. After a bit of viewing I believe the reason is that I can imagine this is the form of image that James McNeill Whistler may have done if he had 3d applications at the turn of the century.

Very well done, and my compliments to you.


unbelivable , pure art , i have no words , wonderful :bowdown: :bowdown: :buttrock: