Last year's snow was falling..., Serg Andreychenco (3D)


Title: Last year’s snow was falling…
Name: Serg Andreychenco
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Made for myself in my spare time. Work with the old man was very sincere, every crease and wrinkle studied with a special mood. The process of creating the work has brought much positive emotions :slight_smile:


This is simply amazing!
Beautiful work… :thumbsup:


Wow, great work !


The fur on the hat, on the vest fringe plus the tiny little fuzz on the scarf are mighty sweet. :slight_smile: it adds greatly to realism! Keep it up. Nice image :slight_smile:


Very nice Sergei! I think you should do more shots of this characters in some environment.


Stunning work, love the expression and how positive it is, great!!


Incredible work! I like it so much!
He remember me my own grandfather :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!)


Damn that’s good! You have truly mastered the art of stubble and fuzzy bunny fur hats.


Great work !


wow,he looks so amazing,and i love this style,great image,i just think he‘s eyes could be better if you add more details :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome work, so much feeling in this!


Very nice indeed


Lovely! Especially together with the title! :thumbsup:


OMG, just awesome :eek:

I love the smile, he looks so cool ! :thumbsup:


ı think zbrush version doesnt look much better.but your presentation looks beautiful…good luck…


very beautiful , i saved ur image for my color study , beautiful


I love it. It’s like the realistic version of Clump from Chump and Clump. :slight_smile:


WOW, unbelievable :bowdown:



very nice! good man