Last Try Here CPT help


Hi everyone,
I was lucky to get CPT a while ago from the old Core store (its been pulled down now).

I am fairly new to XPRESSO, TP and such, and would like to ask if anyone has some scene example files that may have been collected over at the old Corearsenal support forum.

I do have some example files that come with the install, which have
been very helpful. Flipping through the documentation, I realize that there are even more tools buried here and there, like the Xpresso nodes and a couple of shaders
specific to dealing with TP and CPT, which only have brief descriptions. (and a few other small yet powerful tools)

Some more example files as those supplied in the install is what Im looking
for, touching on different scenarios and aspects of the scope of CPT.

I have spoken to Darf who was helpful, but has done away with all the meterial from the forums.
Seeing how helpful everyone is in this forum, this is my last resort to trying to find some more learning materials for CPT, and hope I can gather a few files to look at.



Hey howzit

Have you checked out the cpt sample files thatinstall with the app? thy show up in a caTools folder in your main C4d directory.

Lots of stuff there to get you going.

I’d be all up for a CPT thread here. The old one on the corearsenal site was a great resource.
Maybe we can rally some of the old regulars there to come here.


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