Last Outpost Of Sanity


Heylo! I’m updating this first post with a couple of the newer images, here you go!

And now back to the first post I made in this thread! Cheers!

Hello, I just set up a blog for the short i’m currently never going to complete. Here it is!

Last year I worked a bit on these characters, and i’m back now after a nice break with a new attempt to pull it all together a bit.

So far I’ve started 3 characters, though really only the latest one is probably going to remain anything like it currently is.

The first character is a creepy baby robot, suffering alternatly from ADD and states of near comatose inactivity. Poor chap!
This was a quick colour test, to try to work up a scheme.

Heres the same chap with a new helmet I made, ambient occlusion rendered.

And heres some older work, starting on an old female robot, whoose well past her prime and probably a drunk - this dosen`t really show on the model I’ve got so far, as its just a pair of arms! But rest assured it will do when I rework it.

And the same model ambient occlusion rendered.

Theres also a paranoid quack of a control freak who looks like this currently, but will also get radically altered if I ever get that far which is unlikely!

Don’t really know why there is a blue and grey one, but its an old jpeg I had knocking around!

I’ve uploaded lots of shots of the construction so far of this happy family to my new blog. I’m gonna try to document the building of them as throughly as I can, so theres lots more info here.

I’ll be adding more pics soon! Just wondering if people were feeling the designs so far.


maybe I’m more attracted to the rendering of the tests than the actual 3D work but I’m not sure … maybe it’s because I’m a fan of ‘that Bjork video’ but I like the ‘ambient occluded’ render better than the metal render. I love plastic/foam robots, they’re the future. Actually, the 3d work is really hogging my attention A LOT. Good stuff.


I’m feeling them! In fact I’m manhandling them!

As someone that still has “12 Lo-Tech Robots” bookmarked, I’m looking forward to seeing this develop.


I like this a lot you should do more :slight_smile:


Awesome work!


Ey up! Nice to see you back here.
How’s about some awesome animated gifs of that jaw mechanism? (if you can be arsed).


Added an ear’ole to the little fellas racing helmet. Needs a couple of screw holes to hold it in place, then it’ll be done. The vents let the sound in.

I used Maya live surfaces to make the surface really true and also smooth-able. Heres how!

Simple NURBS surface with vents drawn as CV curves in perspective view.

Then loft those warriors through the surface, interset them to get curves on the actual NURBS sphere itself! Then outline those curves using Mayas offset curve surface tool. These new lines are the size of the bevel. Then I converted the original sphere into polys, and used a duplicate of the sphere as a live surface, snapping to the lines to create the vents. Finally. Bevel it up a bit!

Not sure if this is the best way to do this, but it sure looks proper! No belmishes, dints or anything like that!


Massive Jaw rework so theres no more cutthrough and other bad ju-ju. The colours are temporary, i’m not really feeling them yet… The big plastic blue slab at the back there is a plate which screws into the baby head and mounts all the mechanics. The idea is that this jaw will be rigged loose, so it flops and bounces around like a spacehopper.


Some very nice designs here, and the rendering is gorgeous. I especially like the “paranoid quck” robot :stuck_out_tongue: it looks awsome so much detail.

Keep it up cant wait to see more :bounce:



Heres the eye rig i’ve been playing with, most of the detail is barely seen when the rest of the face geom is turned on, but at least my mind can rest easy!

And heres a render of the face from an absurdly low angle, which only points out to me even more that I need to get thoose cheecks sorted and back on the model.

Kam, Coaster, Lukashi, Dmaxer - thanks guys! Take it easy!
Piek - Now I know whoose still downloading that after all this time!
hertzchim - Interesting thoughts, I feel the same way about some of the earlier renders I posted. I’m hoping to find time to fully rework some of the designs.


Man this thing kicks butt, I love this type of stuff. Keep it up :thumbsup:


I’ve been connecting colours up to the model, trying to find a scheme I like. I’ve got this so far!

I’m trying to filter the shadows, and anything out of the direct light blue, and pushing a very slight yellow in the direct light. I’ve set this up in photoshop using a pretty crude mask. I’m trying to use plenty of bright colours so he still looks toy like, but trying to make sure they all sit really well together. Not sure i’ve cracked it yet.
The reflection and specular needs alot of work and balancing still I think.


Ok, its been ages since I did anything on this! This is just a quick render using some prettier lighting and more balanced shaders. Its a bit noisy! Ive also started the body - it’s well early, just trying out some proportions.

Cheers! Oh - theres more pics on the blog!


Wow, I love the style and the modeling you’ve got here. Very cool. I’m a mechanism nerd (used to be a Mechanical Engineering student) and the exposed machinery here is really awesome.


im loving the attention to detail in the mechanics of how the face works…two big thumbs up


Heres the revised blocked in bodeah. No details in there yet, just some quick arms and some mechanism tests.


Looking great dude , Im looking forward to seeing this all finished :slight_smile:


you are crazy man! :buttrock:



amazing ! !! like all yours stuff !
i love it ,the head remeber me “mars attack” when i look the last picture ; ! but in mecca !!
and for a mecca ; just wow , very nice design ,if you rigg all of that like our precedent animation , i think i ll cry :slight_smile:

f…g good continuation !

best regards



this is amazing. Like if Pixar made a terminator endoskeleton only with more style. Awesome work / modeling / design. I really want to see how this turns out.