Last Man Standing, Marko Ivanovic (3D)


Title: Last Man Standing
Name: Marko Ivanovic
Country: Serbia
Submitted: 1st July 2014

Character Model of Gabriel from Dan LuVisi’s Last Man Standing.


Fantastic job on the character, the texturing and lighting are pretty solid too.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the background in the main image. It’s ambiguous - which is certainly no bad thing, but it’s clear enough that it gives a suggestion of perspective which doesn’t quite seem to line up with the character. Your second image is really, really nice.

Anyway, minor nit-picks. Great stuff!


great peace of work


Beautiful work! :applause: Congrats on making the front page, too.


Great work, love the design!

Was this sculpted, modeled, both?


amazing work. what is your aproach to making bulletholes? bumpmap, displacement or modeled in?


Aiaiai, this is amazing work, wonderful texturing!


Nice Job. At first I thought, someone created Daft Punk ! :slight_smile:


very cool! Excellent work! the second image is my favorite!
my only suggestion will go to post production, the reflections on the whole character are clamped and look flat! make sure to work around that next time, i don’t know if you use a linear workflow.or, not, but i recommend it.
Again great job.


Looks great. The first thing I thought of were the robots in the new Total Recall movie.


It looks great, but I have one minor crit. The shoes seem to be modeled at a lower quality. His left foot looks like his shoe is on the wrong foot and his right foot seems to be really blocky. The rest of the model is very nice, but my eyes went straight to his feet for some reason. Is anyone else seeing this or am I just being overly critical?

Top notch work though, man. :buttrock:


Stunning work and great model! I’d really like to see a little making of :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Wow I like you character very much. I could use it in my game right away. It is the Background I am not happy with. It looks like it doesn’t belong there. But the character is great.